Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Down To Earth

She's seated second row, second from the right in this astounding picture...

She's like a sister to everyone in the class. But she didn't seem to sound like most sisters do. I don't have one but from what I've heard, most sisters are like an AK-47. lol... Perhaps, the reason is that they were considered as second parent to the younger ones. They need to look after and make sure everything's fine. Bottomline is, this featured person in my Friends Forever Affluent Batchmates goes like this simile:

"She is as meek as a lamb"

which definitely connotes that she never nags to worsen an argument nor throw anything that would tend to add fire to burning flames. So calm the hell down and let's meet her... lol...

Cherry, 29, is a successful manager of a prominent business company. She is a down to earth kinda girl and thus, by definition means honest, doesn't need anything to be expensive, is happy with what she has. Never heard her splurge on anything, she doesn't buy anything which she doesn't have to use for. She's smart, funny, economical, nevertheless has some seriousness and candor which she vividly express to all.

"Down to Earth"

Exactly what would it take to be one???

If I may, I would say that it's innate and rare. We deal and mingle with different kinds of person in every days of our life, but rarely see them... 

Have you seen one before???

She's the kind that doesn't fake nor lie herself to others just to get recognition. Well, everybody knows her back then due to her untiring support to every proposal of our groups which she think would greatly benefit all. 

Moreover, she firmly believes in the law of cause and effect, that there are repercussions in doing a thing, whether good or bad. Needless to say, she's nice to everyone, doesn't take anything too hard, knows where she stands and doesn't change what she is to fit with other people.

She's a bit secretive though, just months ago she surprised everyone by announcing that she's getting married... lol.. It wasn't broadcast to the whole crowd though, flaunting is not her thing, she's not overdramatic and she's too good to be true.

She'd been a wonderful example to all of us and she's continuing to do so. To wrap things up, I guess a down-to-earth person is like a precious stone.

"its inner radiance shines, though it doesn't even try"

Enjoy the podium... lol...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


He's seated first row, fourth from the right on this glamorous picture. He's the next man in my list of Friends Forever Affluent Batchmates... lol...


 Friends Forever Photo...

A sizzling hot boy back in high school, he's hot in a sense that almost everybody knew him. He belonged to almost every group and clubs performing incredibly on stage. He could be considered a complete package for all young ladies out there. Wanna know why??? It's for you to find out...lol...

enjoyin the summer...
Most people consider high school life to be the "best time of life". So what are the best things about HIGH SCHOOL???

It's the chance to meet new people, gain fun experiences and of course, try new things like sports or maybe playing musical instrument and more. I'll be honest, this guy nailed it all...

Boys in our class love playing basketball and but I'm not so in it. Luckily, one time I got in as a substitute player. What more can I say? He's one of the powerful players those days due to his athleticism. He's like "the man with the million moves". He does pivotal and spin moves, reason why nobody can check him. Moreover, when given a chance to elevate and carry the ball, he stays a bit longer in the air than most players do. What a move!!! lol...

Needless to say, it's a mix feeling of sadness and happiness for me. I'm glad that most of them were doing great and fantastic and at the same time,  I felt really sadden and just let myself be drowned in remorse all the years knowing I can't even dribble the ball and lays it up in the basket due to my clumsy or rather skinny extremities. I am such a big loser... lol 

with his lovely family...

Everything changes like it always does. He is now a successful mechanical engineer. And that further proves his prowess and versatility. He is on his way now and doing a decent job. I've heard that he still pays a visit to our same hometown and enjoy his spare time with his family.

dinner somewhere...

Back in high school we were ask about our individual life motto, I couldn't exactly remember if I have one but his somewhat goes like:

"Family first before anything else"

Well, that motto would take a lot of courage and incredible dedication. He really is a family oriented kind of person. I once noticed him sit in reverie, reading and planning things on how to live his life to the fullest.

"Life is not all about getting what you want, life is all about getting what you need"

You are stunning and you deserve to take the fourth place in the podium... :)

Such A Short Notice

Have you done a thing outside your pay grade before? If so, did you do your best shot? If not, did it make you feel any better? 

If you are to sign a contract, it is obvious that you are to perform a task and all its details will be clearly stipulated in it. But just month ago, we are told to do a thing outside our pay grades. Everyone, of course seemed to dislike the idea, knowing it would add up burden yet no one couldn't do anything about it. Well, the thing is that we are going outside school and teach students from adjacent towns of Uttaraditt. It was such a short notice.  

The school and its program are extensive and due to demand of other partner school around the vicinity, we are gonna share some time and extend a hand in helping them. It's an school partnership thing which is good and important. Clearly their program was undeniably excellent.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Without a doubt, it means an extra workload, and that idea was unnerving to hear. The administration further explained it's like to reach out students on other schools and give their an ample chance to at least learn a bit of English.  So all foreign teachers have to do it. Which I think fair enough. We were individually given schedule of where and when to teach.

After a week of extending and reaching forth other school. it gradually become fun and exciting. You could not even compare the happiness among childrens' face. And they are really happy during the classes.

We also got chance to move around the town and see interesting places aside from the main town. The school, I think has a great vision and it cannot be denied that its worthy.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Forget

I once caught a student cheating and doing nasty thing while we were having an examination. It's a bit peculiar to see students of young age doing such. He did make every possible alibi which is not new to me. As far as I remember, I did some of those things before. So pay close attention...

Alibi number one: I was just looking for my pen, I accidentally drop it off my table

Alibi number two: I was just asking my classmate where she bought that nice yellow shirt.

Clearly none of those are plausible. I remember my high school classmates saying that it's better to cheat than to repeat. Others believe though that one thing leads to another. Once a cheater always a cheater. In simple terms, when somebody cheats, he's a cheater all the way. Or maybe rephrase it with, when someone lied, he'd most likely lie all his life and if not, he'd definitely do it again but in a more precautions way, so as not to spoil any evidence. I bet to disagree though.

Notion number 1. Who among you did not lie anyways??? 

It's not a question of how heavy is the gravity of the lie or the magnitude it recorded but rather a question like;

Did you or did you not?

As a matter of fact, it's clear as a crystal that a simple lie is also lie. Well then if some claims that you lie to her and you are not longer worthy of a trust from her, better ask this question:

Did you not lie before???

Perhaps, try the hear-me-out method and consider some consideration. There must have been reasons behind why he did it??? lol... Enough. This is goin nowhere...

Now goin back to the topic, it would appear to be very embarrassing in front of many people to mock on someone caught in the middle doin it. I am pretty much upset seeing the situation but remain calm.

Thanks to the anger management stuff i read before...

I did let him do the whole thing and clearly he nailed some good scores. lol..  lucky bastard... We'll see each other at the tip of my pen, I silently told myself.

Without a doubt, the situation was pathetic, and hard to accept. I planned to make some adjustments. Later on, I found out why he did it. I patiently asked him and eagerly tried to hear out his pointless alibis and suddenly realized his has a point in some ways. All his nonsense reasons began to make sense. I think it wouldn't make any difference if I would continue confronting him about what he did. And lo and behold, I came up with this:


It is a memory device that aids learners to recall and remember large scale of information. In simple terms, it's just like a shortcut and a signal that will lend a hand to remember what's lacking and what's missing...

They found it helpful and fun. And began using mnemonic to ease up the burden of long formulas and easily memorize word sequence. It had cause good changes in them and they're using it well.

The last part of the mnemonic tutorial was just one interrogative statement....

Want some more mnemonic or a demonic teacher? They sound really close, lol... :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Yet Amazing

It would take a lot of courage and extraordinary qualities for one to be great, famous, and amazing. Yet in one way or another, it doesn't make a lot of difference to be named one. The most important thing I suppose is how people appreciate and value the significance of that immense character. 

I woke up early and prepare things which I thought would be helpful for the trip that we had just this morning. The Anuban Uttaraditt School used to annually visit places around its vicinity. Luckily, I was included in the list of participants to join it. And together with some of my Prathom 2 students, we explore the small town of Uttaraditt.  

To be completely honest, I wasn't that much hit of that exciting feeling in doing it. But the boredom soon fade when were moving around.  

Who would ever think that largest teak tree in the world is here???

Yeah, you got that right. The tallest and oldest teak tree in the world is Kannimara teak in India but the largest is the Big Teak Tree Forest Park in Nam Pat District, Uttaraditt. It has an approximate age of 1,511 years, measuring 37 meters in height and 6.57 meters in diameter.

It's huge and incredible. I was proud and amazed seeing it.

Another lovely and breathtaking scene in the outskirt is the Sirikit Dam.

Foreigners usually take a jaunt here. The dam is created for irrigation and power, but its beautiful scenery had captured everybody's attention. Visitors could rent and ride bikes and even surf the North part of the dam to see "Lake Suriian Moon".

Well, everything just turned out great and worthwhile. I was really surprise that the place though small and simple had been nesting and hiding a beauty so unique and spectacular... :)   

Friday, August 19, 2011


Happy Sixth Month " Make a Difference"

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Why ruin a really nice day??? Lol...

Just two weeks ago, I received an email telling me I'd been out of a certain system and can no longer be in,  and last week,  a letter that just worsen my disappointments.

It had been  frustrating for some time, but there still enough reasons to celebrate though. lol...

" Cheers"

I've heard this word for long enough from some of my co-teachers but just never minding it. There's this one time that one of them asked me a favor which is not that hard to do and he said, Cheers Brian!!!

Cheers Brian!?? Am I missing something here???

It was strange for me at first, but later on found out that for them it's the colloquial way of saying "Thanks" and now I'm getting used to it.

So despite what happened, "Cheers Make a Difference"!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bounce Back!

I am not angry, I'm just disappointed!!! So what? lol...

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

It's from a movie I've watched before, the sad thing is that I can barely recall its title. Well anyways, I wrote this article upon seeing a music video of my favorite band. They do rock and roll songs, their lyrics are quite interesting that focus on life and relationships. They convey an obviously good message. For them, it's just like, one could never know the meaning of happiness unless he'd been extremely down before. Astonishingly, they manage to dodge from the state of pandemonium and excel in their music.

Being a nerd that I am, my curiosity got me to delve on some information and see what the mighty world wide web has to say about them, and I am surprised of what I had just found out.

So, are they really one of those persons who are always angry and complain too much about life and all the bags of shits it offers?

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Not exactly. They're artistic, musically inclined indivudual, sometimes mad, yet they tremendously improve their madness, to move in a positive spin. Brilliant, ain't it???

I bet you had read inspirational books and listen to some talks and stories, or maybe had been a part of a crowd that tackles life coaching and conseling, well those things are awesome, they squirm one's reason, and absolutely a good source of motivation to bounce back from a life full of mayhem. Guess that's what the art of listening do. It will superbly change one's mental map.

On a flip side, I am really surprise how some people excel from a problematic stage using an unusual pattern.

Wanna hear some???

Just because you're mad doesn't mean that you can't do any good. There's nothing to be ashamed in it.  Stay in it for as long as needed but be careful with your actions. They say that everybody experiences anger and frustration and disappointment everyday; in school, at home, on the road and even during a conversation. It's everywhere, and  what makes it even worst is when you are as meek as a lamb, oblivious of the world and suddenly, somebody's accusing you that you did a something wrong, as if murdered someone. Crazy, ain't it? It's disgusting and so unnerving.  

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Moreover, when one understands "anger" it could be a channel to something positive. They mentioned that motivation comes in various forms. Being mad causes drastic changes in a person but one has to see it and use it in a different perspective. Anger can spur the moment causing one to make poor choices but with the right focus and energy, it constantly boosts one to act and do things that he can't do before. Anger and depression just like feeling of pleasure and happiness are obviously opposite, going in different direction. However, in a certain manner, both are just like an unstoppable force to change and bounce back. Using anger to benefit oneself when you need motivation can help one let go of anger and be more in control of it.

So know why you're angry and stay focused, you could might as well do the same thing they did, in a scale you'd never notice before in your life...:)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


We do have different walks to take, they say. And within each step, we mark some footprints...

An idea was brought out as I was browsing on some picture and it drove to write an article about this person. It was all instant, and was so surprising...

...the walk...

This guy knows all fields of endeavor one could possibly know, he's been through different struggles before yet he'd never grew tired of moving forward in his life. There's this one time that he'd share some of his poignant stories and to tell you honestly, no one could go even further to the life he'd walk before. And if you insist on knowing the true definition of the word "change", go and asked him.

I've known him for almost ten years now and it was unexpected we'd met but this man has a big heart that is always willing to share to needy people, well maybe it's because of how his family brought him up to this life. He really is a generous giver. 

Frankly speaking, three particular things will cross your mind upon hearing the name "KUYA IAN" in the whole circle of friendship... 

1. Food trip        - he's a very good cook

2. Relaxation        - he's a nature lover
3. Reggae music    - the beat blows his mind

Ooppss!!! I think I'm missing something... hahaha!!! Of course...

                    4. Beer and Brandy  - to relieve tensions of all sorts

But you know what??? They say that birds of the same feather flock together right??? I think it's not applicable all the time. This guy is a married man and is facing full responsibility for his family but still he finds time for us and enjoys our company. Great fun of course!!!

...surfing lessons with Batong... hehe

He's a great listener and it's one of the few reasons why people like him, I suppose. He's a clever one. You're not gonna have any dull moments, every single minutes will be spend to laugh about crazy jokes about crazy people. Crazy but it makes sense. He often slated weekend meetings with the some of his close friends to talk and share stuff. He manages his own bar and restaurant. 

... hell no! that's not Capt. Jack Sparrow...

Well, that's about it! Just wish we could always go back to your place and taste the true meaning of life and enjoyment.

You did share your cheerful oasis of friendship to us and we are proud of you!!! 

Friday, August 5, 2011


He is seated fourth from the left, first row or column? Well I am not exactly sure but this guy is such a brilliant mind when it comes to memorizing history, geography and all current events happening all around the globe. All my classmates reckon that he will probably put it at the top in the right time and indeed, he got it. lol...

Photo Courtesy: Friends Forever Mag
This person truly learns the language of listening and his keen discernment is so evident till now. I reckon that we are all really blessed to have been under a catholic school before but as far as I remember, we are not so serious that time about the "daily bread" that everybody keeps on sharing at school. Maybe that's about it; realization is always at the last part. I often wonder why? lol...

Well to make the story short, this article is for the third placer in my Friends Forever Most Affluent batchmates. The third spot in the podium belongs to this guy...

Ola señiorito...lol..

...at the beach...
This guy is a complete package... he really is!!! I mean given a chance to be out there, every freakin' girl out of nowhere would probably grab him out. Life maybe is sometimes all about who got lucky and who's not.  I reckon were all sleeping that time when "blessings" are pouring down, but he's out there and it all rained on him.

...adjusting the angle...
Marvin, 28, is a businessman who is very consistent with his decision pattern and always looking for ways to indulge himself to his field of work, which is business. This guy is burning and smoking hot with ideas to make it and be a part of a challenging market of today. I heard from some old friends that he, aside from being employed by a prestigious company, is now on his track starting his own way and creating his own mark on the business road. 

...the post of the year...
Everybody else did things he did, but he's totally different and there's  this thin dividing line that makes him different from all. Eventhough he is running a busy street right now. He could still cool down and have fun with friends, families and loved ones. He hangs out with old buddies, put on weights and exercise and rejuvenates himself with a touch of fresh air and a pleasant way of living in the middle of this hectic world.

You deserve a round of applause sir! Very impressive!!! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Perhaps the best thing for everyone to do after a strenuous weekdays is to sit down and relax, ain't it right...? 

But what will you do if you are completely surrounded with people who never seemed to run out of things to do???

...the scoreboard...
You would definitely get persuaded by the idea and would probably think of joining the club. lol...

...rey and yen...
I meet some really good friends the time I moved in my workplace, and ever since that day, they were there for me always, helping me put my things in order. They are cool friends, very generous and kind. They are full of cool ideas. They never seem to run out of things to do. They used to explicate me things as to where to put and place myself the right way. They sometimes sound like one of my parents who keep on reminding me and I really appreciate it.

..putting on the combination shot...

It was one dull and lazy Saturday when we decided to pack our things and tried playing games. First, we played bowling for a couple of hours and tried billiards. We checked and went on some bars to enjoy the night as well. It was total fun and was so exciting.

...the mastermind...
The short journey we had was really thrilling and refreshing and we'd all wish it'd happen again soon...:)