Sunday, March 27, 2011



They are all over the place - Buddhist temples spread all over Thailand that are frequently visited by Thai people, any time any day. Temples here are called "Wat".

These structures are believed to be grouped in two: one is for religious function and the other serves as living quarters for monks.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me

Almost all tourists would definitely be amazed, knowing that temples really took spot in most itineraries of tour destinations. They are dazzling in design and formation, and it only shows how Thais are inclined in engineering and architecture. Some reminds me of churches in the Philippines.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
For me, one thing so remarkable is on how they managed to build temples way up high. It definitely caused some serious and tedious work for the builders.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me

It proves one thing again, that nothing is impossible to a willing heart...