Monday, April 18, 2011

"I did this"

I'm two months old today...!!!

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Some people might rave that celebration is for things like birthday or anniversaries only. Or maybe for a huge business deals or perhaps after having a dramatic win on something. Yes, of course it is for those things. 
It is also for little things, like having a worthwhile conversation with someone, like trying something for the first time. Find all small things in your life that you are accomplishing on a moment by moment basis and celebrate them...

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This marks another page in my own history book and I'm proud to say that... 

"I did this"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Songkran Festival

Celebrations are essential part of a culture. They serve as a glimpse of what had transpired over the year that past. This article is all about Thai New Year.

The Songkran Festival

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Songkran is a special time for Thai people. It's a three day celebration wherein people go out and enjoy the day. It is the most famous and fun-filled festival here and for that, even foreigners participate in every event. Water plays an important role in various activities which is pretty much like the symbol of Christians during Baptism: for cleansing, washing away old sins and move forward in life.

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It is also known as the "Water Festival" as people believe that water will wash away bad luck. In Thai word, it means to "move or change place" as it is the day when the sun changes its position in the zodiac.

Families are able to reflect on values of life, family, the society and religion during this event, as they gather and share their time together.

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Life has its "ups and downs" as they say. It is a tough challenge and Songkran proves that everybody must be open for new opportunities, always start fresh, to have more momentum and accomplish more.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was just another day when this shot was taken, and it did stir my mind to create an article about it. Once, I talked to some people who used to do the same thing, they occasionally wrote their own stuff but mentioned that sometimes stopped for awhile. The first one, told me that in order to start something, he needed to be inspired. While the second one, wanted a thing that would impressed him and motivate him at the same time.

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Accidentally, my friend did focus his lens in a piece of handicraft so odd and interesting. It was a masterpiece which I think had been abandoned for quite a time. It resembled one of those ancient times mode of transportation which was made of wood. The maker did such a great job in making it. Clearly, it's a creative project that made use of some talents

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Before, it was believed that handicrafts was only for decoration purposes and to make use of extra time; doing something interesting. But, nowadays, these things clearly make it to the market and they are one of the main sources of income to most people in different places.

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Some sort of artistic inclination and an ample amount of patience would really be a pre-requisite in doing this project.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


It was a sweet November for me when I got it, i mean the teaching post  in Uttaradit. My friend and I made some few calls and fortunately they returned a ring too. Another journey unfolds the moment it happened and I was so glad it did. I became once again, a member of a teaching workforce.

MEP teachers
I had a clear look and experience of doing these stuff before. I meant is the teaching and learning process. But it was a bit different this time. I need to tweak on things like dealing with students who are just in the beginning phase in speaking English as their second language and also some sort of adjustment in dealing with foreign teachers. It was nevertheless, fun and challenging

Anuban Schools, to be in particular, are just like most schools in Philippines. Public schools that are run by government.

Thailand has a great demand for native and non-native English speakers. English Programs are included in their curriculum for they look forward for mastery of the universal language.

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It was so pleasant to hear from the School Director that he did get his doctorate degree in the Philippines as we were in the middle of the interview portion. He mentioned something about Filipino's hospitality which he said pretty much like Thai culture.

The school envisions a curriculum that so flexible and for that, they included programs where students are exposed immediately to most of their academic subjects both in Thai and English.

Since year 2003, the school started their Mini English Program and it was largely for student to be in a more challenging atmosphere when learning. The outcomes were obviously good and positive; the skills were so evident among students in bilingual classes. 

The school had been nominated and had won prestigious awards before like "The Best School" to name one. Their untiring support and teaching styles really did pay off.

Ever heard of Malcolm Gladwell?

He is a Canadian writer famous for his best selling books. One of which was the "Outliers". Throughout his book, he repeatedly mentioned that it would took a total of around 10,000 hours in order to master a specific or a complete task and be successful.

For me, the school had proven and had accomplish a favorable time and did such a great job. I'm proud to be in the team... :) 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summer English Camp

I took part in the two week Summer Camp for Thai students. They were from government primary school and mostly non-bilingual kids. T'was an exciting way to help and encourage them to learn and practice English.

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The school program was extensive and for that reason even before vacation came, they still manage to provide ample time in sharing something for these kids.

Unlike any other camps, learning English is the only sole purpose of the said event. "Learning by doing" to be the main core, practicing simple phrases and words that are part of day-to-day encounter in school and elsewhere. For Thai students and even some adults, a good English means a good opportunity.

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There was a particular noticeable confusion among children in the class, since they were not use to speak the language often. I'd enjoy the two weeks encounter though that proved one thing; language is not a barrier and a challenge that needs to be overcome...:)

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