Friday, September 30, 2011

Keep It Alive

This man is on his way waving goodbye to singlehood. It would be a pivotal move on his part and we are all excited about it... lol...

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me

He's one of the first persons I met when I arrived here. I've known him for almost a year, surprising that way. I could vouch though that this guy has sail a salient life. If given a chance and somebody would give him a life's report card, I'm definitely sure that he'd grab all the aces.  According to what some persons who been with him for awhile, he's one of the most loved one in the community. No doubt that he would accept you as a friend no matter who you are and he's willing to share what he has. Some say that you would hardly hear a word from him whenever he's boiling to some degree of disappointment. I don't believe it, well it's for you to find out. lol...

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
Ever heard of the saying that you would find love in places most unexpected? While working in the Kingdom of Thailand, he unearthed his Kingdom of Love too.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
They say that behind every man's achievement is a woman that makes it more colorful and more meaningful. Life's busy here and it's almost unbelievable how he still manage to multi-task everything around and find his treasure to be cherish for the rest of his life . They say that life is like a matter of race and one needs to keep on running but this guy know exactly where to stop and spot oasis to drink and enjoy the views. Ok enough said, I'll cut it out...

Just last week, we'd keep the tradition alive and throw a last party for him. Bunch of precious friends around him helped out and made the night special. Funny to hear as he shared things like how he persuaded his girl and manipulated the situation . lol...

Photo Courtesy: Enzo's Point
This little stag party thing was full of fun and freedom. 
To Patrick, good luck and have fun!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kick It

Have you seen Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Kickboxer" movie? If so, I'm pretty sure you'd witness various kicks and stunts that weren't just scary; but had left you breathless as well. The movie was inspired by the game style and techniques of the kick boxing sport.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
For the first time in my stay here, I tasted the heart-pumping feeling when I unexpectedly saw a live kick boxing game that is so popular in Thailand. Jump kick, steep-up kick, spinning heel kick, and straight kicks were everywhere around the ring. Seems like they love to kick each other... lol...

Photo Courtesy: Ann &Yen
 I was with some of my close friends doing mid-night shopping in a festival like celebration that they held and were moving every corner just to see what's in it and decided not to missed anything. We were there and so we decided to take all the fun out of it...

"Muay Thai Kick Boxing" is Thailand's national sport. A combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is popularly known as the "Art of Eight Limbs" because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knees strike, thus using the eight point of contact .  A practitioner of Muay Thai is known as "Nak Muay", so it's "Nak Muay Farang" when referring to foreign kick boxer.

Photo Courtesy: Ann & Yen
Wasn't able to make a good shot of the action due to the congested areas around the ring. But I got lucky doing my ambushed interview to the reigning champ. His name is "Pi Daeng"; and to be honest, I wasnt really sure what to say and how to pronounce his name. Good thing I was with my two buddies who were good in starting up a conversation in Thai. Pi Daeng later on narrated how he started his amateur campaign and what encouraged him to continue his relentless quest. He said it was a matter of conditioning oneself and being focus; and of course, being goal oriented. Wow...

Photo Courtesy: Ann & Yen
The night had been full of surprises. We enjoyed breathing the fresh air and the lively yet furious fights.

Almost forgot... Kudos Mr. kickboxer!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ploy or Real?

The moon, the sun, stars and some planets need to be adjacent and line together, that's the perfect time of the year for you. What the... lol

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I'm not so into reading zodiac charts and those astrological things that a vast majority of people used to. But the newspaper which is given to us daily for free lures me to keep abreast with what my sign says. It's surprising how. Maybe the wordings that were put by the author were just fresh and riveting.

Ever tried checking yours lately???

I find it quite disgusting sometimes hearing people who desperately tried their luck by following their so called "stars" that dictates them everything. It's luring to read some positive sings and speculations with regards to where life is taking you, I suppose that it adds awareness of one's situation yet sometimes it's one common pitfall of those who just believe and did nothing at all. I think sometimes this are just ploy of some writers to entice buying newspaper or maybe getting some traffic online and obviously earn from it. 

To be honest though, I've heard stories of people who did great by following what their signs say. They clearly made it to the top and were all smiles and thankful for the opportunity.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
However, it causes my mind to stir in some point on how exactly these things started again?  Why is it that it doesn't seem to fade until these days?

It's everywhere: in the net, newspapers columns and most of contemporary readings. It's pretty surprising to know. 

Well, Google says that horoscope started somewhat BC ages ago. Western people used it primarily to do extensive study of astrology and from that time on it had been carry out and used to marks time of events particularly dates and months of person's birth. A chart or diagram representing positions of heavenly bodies. Apparently, putting it in a microscope of science, no studies have shown any evidence of its accuracy, and predictions were at best, irrational, lacking plausibility. 

So what's your sign and which side are you?

Is it really like the steering wheel of life being single-handedly maneuver by the stars or is it just plain attitude and grabbing opportunity?

Stay tuned... lol

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take A Look

Listening to music really sets a good atmosphere and tone while working on something.  Some would claim they can't live without music, while some would say that can't last a day without it. Music, however to some is a universal language that tends to bridge culture divide.  Well, people have different looks about it.

As for me, it's an aid to soar in a much higher height whenever I feel bored or in a state of experiencing a mild sense of panic. I am a bit choosy though, with the kinds of music I listen to. I would like to share a track that keeps me elated for almost months right now... lol...

"Dare You To Move" is a song from the band Swictfoot.

It became one of the best songs of the year once, enclosed it in is an inspiring and moving message. I've been listening to their tracks for quite awhile. I remember hearing the first song from a local radio station back in my hometown. Their songs convey good sound and meaning. If you would just read closely between lines of their lyrics, you would definitely end up in a completely different paragraph. 

Oftentimes, they are labeled to as a Christian Rock Band, well maybe it's because of their lyrics. The group had been actively involved in humanitarian activities promoting and bringing joy and peace in people's doorstep. Music, for them is for everyone and to label them such words is like putting their songs in a box that closes some people out and maybe excludes them.

Brilliant. Ain't it?

It's like causing noise in a good way...

And there's more...

If you will try to watch some of their videos and look closely you would notice an Asian kinda looking guy. At first glance he's like Chinese but guess what. I had found out that another patriotic Filipino is performing in this awesome group.

A Filipino. You got me right.

Jerome Fontamillas, a Filipino American had been in the band for quite some time since 2000. He is a 7th Day Adventist Christian. It's nice to know that he's a Filipino. It again shows that in line of music, there's no room for boundaries.

To Jerome and the rest of the Switchfoot band.

Rock On! More Songs...


Happy Seventh Month "Make A Difference"

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I've been looking for a perfect word that would fit in my next article. This day again marks the seventh month of my writing stuff here and the "eagerness thing" just suddenly comes back from nowhere and drags me to find time to write again. Sad thing is that, I just can't seem to find the right words to start. All I can think of right now is regrets which goes like...

Regrets just like Sinatra, I have a few. lol...

Perhaps, this is one popular notion of people in the middle of struggle. Sometimes things aren't the way they supposed to be and while in the middle of it you'd really ask yourself with a question like...

It's a long way to the top, but do I really need to go there?

Browsing on some faded articles I have made me feel really appreciated for the first time with all the "likes" and "comments" that somehow flood in my page.  

The last word I suppose should always be "hold on".

Just hoping that my just-keep-on-moving attitude would always prevail. lol...

Thanks you very much indeed. Have fun "Make A Difference"