Sunday, November 23, 2014

Accumulated Punishment

Another phenomenal display of talent was shown by the 35 year old Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao of the Philippines in his latest bout against the American, Chris Algieri. Before the fight, various speculations are heard and people seemed to have divided views regarding  the match. Some said that it’s considered as “mismatch of the year”, yet others believed that it's gonna be an interesting one to see, considering Manny who uses "southpaw stance" will battle  Algieri,  who is a very unorthodox boxer.

Looking closely, the challenger, Algieri had been so consistent in his battles against tough players. He has an outstanding record of 20-0, with 8 wins by way of KO before losing to Pacman. His reach and height, which proven to be his advantage against the smaller Pacman, was the primary concern of the Pacquiao team and all boxing enthusiasts around the world. 

The fight lasted for 12 rounds, in an unending exchange of jabs and uppercuts everywhere.  Pacman, though, the more experienced fighter with his blatant display of ferocity and pure world-class boxing skills knocked down the tough challenger a total of six times, making it  impossible for his opponent to bounce back. The Filipino champ won the bout in a unanimous decision. It nearly ended the drought for Pacman after 5 years of no KO wins.

Aside from his latest accomplishment, the veteran boxer has proven to all Filipinos around the world his prowess in all facets of his life. He doesn't seem to stop, doesn't settle down and continues to do his best in everything he does. Truly, the pound-for-pound champion has resurfaced.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lo and behold...

For the woman who needs no further introductions... 
(alai wa??)

who has a bunch of pseudonyms I've never heard of (gwellian??)

who has always been there...  (echos!!)

who often  eats in her dreams  (takaw)

who would rather hang out than read law books (tamad)

who always threatens me of lines "you're not gonna find another me" (duh!!)

who will always be my alarm clock in the morning (but it's still early!!)

would never stop bugging me even if the wifi connection is out! (suffocation)

who rocks malls, just to pursue her catwalk dreams.. (lol.. )

Anyways, I wrote this not to impress you of my literary prowess, I know I suck hahaha... Just like to bug you, and wait, am sorry I went through your fb's photos. I don't normally stalk on other people's post and photos like you usually do. hahaha... 

Thanks a bunch, you  just cause a huge chunk of inspiration in my poor blogging thing! 
Times have been very unforgiving and if there's one word to describe what happened to my page here, ah.. it's gonna ebola virus that infects and interfere with my daily writing activities, my page died down in an excruciating manner. I was hoping you would love this though.

It's just surreal and it was unbelievably remarkable how we manage to recuperate from all the issues we've been through. I don't know why, you're just as cruel like drones that lurks around looking for suspicious targets and ready to strike. You always paint hypothetical pictures in your mind that lead us to an unending argument every time. lol.. Still, in the end, there's always a glimmering hope and we always get along just fine...

I'm pretty sure that we at some point would make everything all mapped out and make the best of our lives. YOU have taught me patience, keeping calm and breathe in the good shit, breathe the bad shit, out. I taught you victory loves preparation. But it's kinda funny how we are both "askholes" most of the times. lol...

( a person who constantly ask for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them)

P.S. I want you to know that i'm not gonna stop bugging you.

        Galingan recit hahahaha...

        Good luck on your future endeavors... And stop reading...


(taxi sa kahabaan ng mandaluyong, kabisado ko lugar promise. We're not gonna get lost sure na!)