Saturday, June 11, 2011


This part of my blog is called "Comments" lol...

Philippine Independence Day is one of the most significant celebrations in the country. It is annually observe to commemorate nation's freedom from restraints of various kinds.

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Filipinos of every walk of life gather together in their own respective places as it simultaneously done nationwide. They share their time and sense of respect for all people responsible for such glorious achievement that until these times being treasured by every Filipino, "Sovereignty".

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If we try to define the word it basically says that freedom is being able to do what you want to do i.e. freedom of choices, freedom of speech, it makes a person capable of having more options in life and enables one to do more of what he wants to do.

But the question is... What Freedom or Independence really is??? And how do Filipinos of today demonstrate and use the term Independence anyway???

I think Independence was fully realized nowadays and celebrating this special day is worthy and remarkable but I think  it should not entirely focus on the celebration alone, instead it should also serve as a motivation for all Filipinos to look closer at their lives, refocus goals and reprioritize every aspect of humanity. 

Hope the nation will be united, where government and the people unceasingly help each other to be better.

To all Filipinos... Mabuhay!!!


This part of my blog is called "continuation" lol...
It's been four months now and things are getting quite good...

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Ok. Let's be started... Four Months? Milestone? Since when four months became a milestone? hahaha... Cut it out! For me it is. lol...

I was actually browsing on the internet for pictures that would fit the subject I need to discuss. And lo and behold, there they are...


They are so fascinating. They seemed to have been there for eternity. Quiet. Calm. They truly are iconic and had served their purpose. Can you not appreciate them? lol...

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These structures really are inspiring. They didn't exactly move at all but they had move people to believe in their purposes of existence. Isn't that ironic???

Eureka!!! That's it. I had just unearth another huge idea for my stuff!!!

Perpetual optimism. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. It means continually believing in something will make something more likely to happen.

Quotes of the moment:

Be still like a stone.

It ain't as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning.

Happy Fourth Month!!! "Make A Difference"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to the Family

A new member of the family was given a warm welcome two weeks ago. Her name is Jasmine, a very gorgeous Shih Tzu who always seems to attract everybody's attention - whenever she puts on her tricks; pretending she's asleep and looks too exhausted. lol... 

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Dogs of her breed originated from China. With their cute and furry appearance, they could easily be distinguished from other kinds of dogs. Shih Tzu has a life span of about 10 to 15 years. Their height  is about 9 to 10 inches tall. They are small, playful and most of the times mischievous, yet, they look so lovable and innocent. Shih Tzu are friendly and sociable even to stangers. They are susceptible to extreme temperatures and they does not do well in extreme heat and for that, dogs of their kind is not suitable as an outdoor dog. Shih Tzu is a high maintenance breed and requires frequent and regular grooming. They were breed to pet and needs human companionship.

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She is the apple of the eye and the center of everyone's attention. Weird isn't it? Oftentimes, a dog brags and shows off stuff just to get noticed. But Jasmine easily gets everybody's eye just by playing innocent and charming lol...
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Heat is On...

"Every start will definitely come to an end. Every ending is an opportunity to a new beginning"

The lights are all on, stats are swinging in every game and everybody was totally freakin' out as the 2011 NBA Championship Games had begun with Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks battling their prowess to win the ring.

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I am an avid fan of basketball. It's one of the favorite sports in Philippines and was so proud knowing that one of the teams playing for the title this year was headed by Mr. Erik Spoelstra, a Filipino American head coach who led the Miami Heat to 90 wins and two playoffs appearance within his two years as coach.
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The most unanticipated events of the year and the most hyped championship series ever in the said sports. According to some analysts, looks are totally different now and compare to previous NBA Finals we've seen before, both teams are truly outstanding and were full of outraging emotions in reaching their goals. Spectacular plays of team works from the "Big Three" of the crowd's favorite Miami team and the Hot Hands of Mr. Dirk made the difference in this series of championship games. They always put on a great show and the whole world certainly watches every shot, every move and every play they do. You'd definitely hear them from different people who like basketball which I think it's  a good drive for people to engage in sports.

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Even spectators are feeling the pressure as they put on their bets and support their teams. Various speculations could be heard on how this series will end and who will be victorious. Both teams had been pushing themselves to their limits and whoever wins truly deserves it.