Saturday, June 11, 2011


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Philippine Independence Day is one of the most significant celebrations in the country. It is annually observe to commemorate nation's freedom from restraints of various kinds.

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Filipinos of every walk of life gather together in their own respective places as it simultaneously done nationwide. They share their time and sense of respect for all people responsible for such glorious achievement that until these times being treasured by every Filipino, "Sovereignty".

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If we try to define the word it basically says that freedom is being able to do what you want to do i.e. freedom of choices, freedom of speech, it makes a person capable of having more options in life and enables one to do more of what he wants to do.

But the question is... What Freedom or Independence really is??? And how do Filipinos of today demonstrate and use the term Independence anyway???

I think Independence was fully realized nowadays and celebrating this special day is worthy and remarkable but I think  it should not entirely focus on the celebration alone, instead it should also serve as a motivation for all Filipinos to look closer at their lives, refocus goals and reprioritize every aspect of humanity. 

Hope the nation will be united, where government and the people unceasingly help each other to be better.

To all Filipinos... Mabuhay!!!

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