Thursday, December 4, 2014


"Love knows no distance, no boundaries"---these are the words that keep me holding onto my romantic relationship now. Apparently, I am engaged in a long distance relationship. People would often see it as absurdity as they would often think that it will not work  because the proximity is deemed essential in a relationship. They would often doubt the sense of faithfulness of one to the other. A normal couple would have their candle-lit dinners, for us, we have always our exclusive virtual dates over "Wechat".

Being apart entails a lot of sacrifices and challenges to deal with. It is a matter of test; a test of patience and faithfulness. Aside from our distance, we have also to deal with our ages although some would say it is just a number and it is the maturity that matters the most. Despite of it, it is just surreal that we were able to continue with our relationship. I admit that this is really hard for both us, knowing we both experience sadness and wish that our relationship could just be the normal one. Even if we are together for a short period of time, there is always the small twinge of desolation because we both know the moment is fleeting.

However, when i started law school, I already appreciated my long distance relationship, it gives me the time to work on to my priorities and to fully determine what i really want for my life. He supported me in my law school studies and gives me all the time I needed to cope with my everyday struggle. I appreciate that he respects my decision when it comes to future issues like marriage. He wanted me to finish my course first, then pass the Bar exams, have a decent work and enjoy all the fruits of my success before settling down. 

This is the best time to gear up for a better future and the time for self-improvement and development. He may not be present when I need someone to hug me after having a bad recitation in Constitutional Law or to have a companion during lunch time or take me out on a date during "Valentines Day",  but he is definitely more than a chat away. This relationship provides me a chance to be on my own but not definitely to feel alone. To love someone is to sacrifice, for this situation is only temporary. I do not know where the future will take us but I know today is that I have someone who can stand by my side even he is in the other side of the world. 

These words though... Thanks Gellian... :)

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