Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to the Family

A new member of the family was given a warm welcome two weeks ago. Her name is Jasmine, a very gorgeous Shih Tzu who always seems to attract everybody's attention - whenever she puts on her tricks; pretending she's asleep and looks too exhausted. lol... 

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
Dogs of her breed originated from China. With their cute and furry appearance, they could easily be distinguished from other kinds of dogs. Shih Tzu has a life span of about 10 to 15 years. Their height  is about 9 to 10 inches tall. They are small, playful and most of the times mischievous, yet, they look so lovable and innocent. Shih Tzu are friendly and sociable even to stangers. They are susceptible to extreme temperatures and they does not do well in extreme heat and for that, dogs of their kind is not suitable as an outdoor dog. Shih Tzu is a high maintenance breed and requires frequent and regular grooming. They were breed to pet and needs human companionship.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
She is the apple of the eye and the center of everyone's attention. Weird isn't it? Oftentimes, a dog brags and shows off stuff just to get noticed. But Jasmine easily gets everybody's eye just by playing innocent and charming lol...
Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me


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