Monday, February 28, 2011

"Best I Ever Had"

Ever heard of the best things in life?

Check out my top ten:

1. A truck full of Red Horse beer and tons of Marlboro cigarettes (hahaha)
2. Laughing so hard upon hearing a funny joke
3. Falling in love and hugging the person you love
4. Reading an unexpected email
5. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside
6. Listening to the huge collection of music i like
7. A good conversation
8. Accidentally overhearing someone say nice about you
9. Spending time with the family or old ones
10. Having the coolest "friends" on earth

Question #1. How exactly did you end up "in this place"? You don't seem to fit its demographic profile.

Answer: I found them.

Let's move along... Our lesson for today will focus on my coolest friends on earth

He is someone who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself. This quote aptly describes the role that a friend plays in your life. During good and bad times and even in the worst circumstances they will never leave your side. One could find them during childhood and some in the most unexpected places. But why exactly do we need them? And what role do they play in our life? Halryt then! Time for some etymology101.

...the masters...

I think its best explained this way... From early childhood, man requires company;  it could be a sort of blood relations, or other. In school, we meet them through our likes and preferences. While during college days, we choose and select them and they should match our personalities and even after marriage, we need the company of their taste and habits because these things sometimes cannot be found and achieved inside a married life. So needless to say, they are important.

You've heard it all before. But to be honest, they also provide biggest support in us. They are amongst those people who accept you and like you as well. You can tell them your dirty little secrets and they will promise you not tell a single soul about it and also share your silliest wishes and dreams. Isn't it wonderful to have them?

...saguiguilid ng avanza boys...

I lost my grandfather back in 2010 and had some of them show up in the hospital that I didn't know were coming, it was really an overwhelming time but to see them made it easier.

Convince? Do you have a friend like that? I do have and they're my treasure.
 You're probably missing the biggest part of our life if you don't have them.

Check out my brother "jay" and poks jasper

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