Friday, March 11, 2011

Khun Ja Pai Nai?

It is a phrase which means "ที่คุณต้องการที่จะไปหรือไม่?" lol...

It means: Where do you wanna go?

After quite sometime of my stay here, I begun to be familiar with daily schedules and routines. And during weekends, I used to run an errand, put on my shoes and go back to Phitsanulok for some important matter. As part of the mentioned weekly activities and likewise taking part of the Holy Week celebration, a fresh insight came up my mind.

The word "Exodus".

Literally speaking,  it narrates the movement, transfer, transition of the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promise Land. The second book of the old testament.  Timely indeed, what a brand new idea!

A biblical, historical, and contemporary relations? 

It was said that human's first means of transport were walking and swimming. Second was the domestication of animals to lay burden of one's journey and  makes travel a lot easier. And through some brilliant minds, wheels and engine operated machines were brought to life,  which is a more efficient way of moving large quantities of people, things and so on. It had enormously conquered problems of large distance journey along roads with blistering winds and those scorching deserts. 

Thank you so much gentlemen!!! For putting up those tremendous ideas, because up to these times were all enjoying its convenience and pleasure.

To make it short, this article will focus on transportation nowadays especially here.

Thailand which is estimated about 514000 sq km in land area, is predominantly navigated by public transport.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Any plans moving to Thailand? You'd might probably take one of these in your amazing journey around.

Buses: They are the most convenient and most affordable way of moving around the place.  Most of the buses are cozy, air conditioned for a more convenient trip. Thailand is reachable and navigable using buses, they are a lot cheaper. It was actually like the Philippines, where people usually travel by bus. Bangkok, Thailand's capital, and most of its surroundings cities could be considered as cities that never sleeps, its because of the continuous trips and non-stop flow of passengers from all places.

Tuk-tuk: Is a motor vehicle, like tricycles in the Philippines, is used primarily to move quickly along places. Due to a busy and a traffic-jam places. They usually do like what taxis are doing. So named because of the sound of their engines. Occasionally, it is faster than taxi in heavy traffics as  weaving in and out are a lot  easier. but generally about the same in speed or maybe slower in long distance.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Songthaew: Are commonly used in rural areas in Thailand. It is a converted pick up truck, large enough to accommodate a number of passengers. Songthaew are used both between towns and cities for longer routes between towns and villages.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
The world that were living now will most likely be impossible had it not been for innovations in transportation. Life would not have kept up with the fast changing times if not for them. and we would not have experienced comfort and convenience in our movement had it not been for the advancement made.

Truly, their services had been largely spontaneous and beneficial.

 A blessed weekend to everyone and Von Voyage!

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