Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lazy afternoon

Ever had a fuzzy feeling of the next thing to do when you're about to get bored? Or have you ever felt like Garfield did? What about Garfield anyway? Let's meet him again...

Garfield is an orange, fuzzy, tabby cat, born in a kitchen of an Italian restaurant, he's so obsess eating lasagna and he hates to exercise, a pessimistic, sadistic, cynical, sarcastic, sardonic and a bit obnoxious kind. But, of course, we will not focus on that individuality. Though Garfield can be very cynical sometimes, he does have a good side too.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
It was a lazy afternoon, and a friend of mine was heading to the marketplace to buy some stuff for dinner and all of a sudden, something caught his attention.

...hello kitty...
A fuzzy, white with brown spot cat, was lying in a basket nearly full with eggs. He immediately pulled out his phone, and took a snapshot of what he had seen. 

"Her laziness and sense of freedom were hypnotic".

Did it ever cross your mind that sometimes we need a lazy afternoon? Where you in a situation before that though you really tried to motivate yourself, you just couldn't?

Okay! time to get started.

You want to finish things but you're just not in the mood to actually do any of them. Putting off something usually starts by putting off something you know you should do. Procrastination could be a habit that's why one needs to set an action plan. But why do we procrastinate? Reasons: You're probably bored, overwhelmed with work, your confidence slipped, low self esteem, your doing work you're probably not enjoying, you're distracted or just downright lazy. Procrastination could be solved by applying consistent and persistent action plan without reservation. 

Actually, what I am trying to point here is setting priorities and at the same knowing when to make a pause. I guess sometimes it's not that wrong to just do nothing at all, release the tension of our day-to-day living. Everybody needs down time - time to relax. This is just some sort of reminder that life really is busy: commitments, work, family, school, and others that eat the hours away.

So grab a pillow, close your eyes and move into yourself on a lazy afternoon.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

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