Friday, March 4, 2011


Sales Update 101
...accdg. to my calculations, we did not hit our sales target...
WHAT??? We did not hit the sales target???

... You're fired!!! wahaha
Negative Transfer of Learning?

Ever heard of a Teacher but used to work as a Marketing Assistant? Present!!!

Strange isn't it? Marketing Assistant? What do I know about marketing? lol...

It has something to do with being flexible. I think there's nothing wrong with trying out new things, new environment. But to be honest, the reason why I quit my previous job was that, the new employer offers a bit higher compensation. lol...

Malasakit - a deep sense of concern
Positive Attitude

These are the four core corporate values of


from left to right: sir eric, boss ferdz, sir nan and sir jun ...

Once upon a time, I became a part of this prestigious company and once work as a Marketing Assistant. But, I only stayed for four months due to some unavoidable circumstances. Frankly speaking, I found it challenging to work in the office at first. A Marketing Assistant carries broad and important tasks next to the Branch Manager. From conducting marketing activities, doing price canvass, updating sales, and monitoring competitors plus arranging pertinent papers of customers and products you wouldn't notice the time slipping away.

And at the end of day...
...galaw galaw.. hehehe

Do you know the definition of a Good Working Relationship? 

It's a bond between the company and its customers/suppliers, between a manager and his workforce and between colleagues in each department. It's working toward achievement of shared aims and objectives. That's why our Branch Manager make sure to establish an effective channel of communication on both ends and listen carefully to what each other have to say. Open and honest. And moreover, everybody is encourage to debate on key topics so that each person has the opportunity to voice their opinion, which I think is a healthy step.

...boss ding in glasses, madam joy, boss lau, sir rodel, sir ulo, sir bryan and sir kung fu.. hehe...

The company is a customer-oriented and a service-oriented one. And our primary goal is of course!
a. sell motorcycles
from left to right: mam che, mam belle, mam joy, boss ding, marian? and "john loid" i mean sir harris.. hehe

b. hit the targets
...apologize... not sure with the names! hehe.. PPC Team...

 c. satisfy customer's taste and preferences.

...charlie's angels?...

Employees performances are regularly checked to assess and mark their improvement and also determine qualifications and suitability for the job or for promotion.

...aren't you suppose to be doing the credit investigation...hehehe
One would never doubt, that if you belong to this team of people, you'd probably say "thank you so much" for the spark of friendship and sense of belongingness. I consider them my "second family".

...tree planting somewhere...

One thing I really admire about the company was their secret keys in being successful. They taught me to love challenges, the difference between a mediocre and an excellent worker, dealing with problems and its counter measure and the definition of the word "teamwork"

...display area...

More sales to the team... Hope you like the posts.. Thanks..!

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