Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Which is which?

Today, we will talk about a Mickey Mouse topic and I hope you would help me bring this to life... lol

Quote#1: Success: A lousy teacher

Mr. Bill Gates, once said, "Success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking that they can't lose.

Quote#2: Fail enough and you'll succeed

I just happened to turn page 69... Yes... It's 69... ? Of a worn-out book, and accidentally did a fixation. To succeed, one must fail occasionally. 

Are they relative in any sense or not?

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I've been reading stuffs lately and some for him and for her books. All were plain stuffs and issues involving everything under the sun. But, those quotes are really mind bugling and weird, aren't they? I'd also come up with my own formula. Here we go....

Sheer determination + Hardwork = Success = Failure???
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Help me Mr. Albert... wahahahaha

For awhile, I begun to have some wild, dirty and crazy thoughts I'm not particularly sure if it's from the book or the other books hehe... and decided to stop reading. lol...Halryt then.. Scrutinize101...

Years ago, the main engineer of a big company fell sick, and could not come for several months. The assistant engineer quickly took over the job and with some coaching and training; he did such a good job and was promoted. However, after that, he stopped. Coz' he had achieved his goal promotion and felt no longer had to try and after quite some time he was fired. I guess this has a bit of resemblance with what is happening to political leaders in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt nowadays...

Moreover, on the other side of the river, a girl named Veronica had also a strong and adamant story to tell. She'd grow up from a terribly poor family and learn to face different sorts of failure in this challenging life and those crisis had morphed her character into different platforms, it's clear as a bell that the reason she succeeded was because she wasn't afraid to fail, and she did so often - in order to WIN.

Later on, I understand everything. Those quotes didn't contradict in any way nor contrast, and they are two different themes but nevertheless carried two important cache of knowledge and reason.

So let's put it this way...

When you got your last promotion or were hired for the new job you had always coveted or got admitted to a university or given a special mention for the wonderful things you've done, did you redouble your efforts? Or did you let things slide a bit?

Have you hold success before and accomplished what you set out to do? Did you set back and wait for people to notice or did you, quietly and without boasting, communicate your success to both your friends and those who might have wished you harm?

Have you experienced failure before? How did you overcome it? Or maybe take risks, do things outside your comfort zone or make mistakes. What would you do if you knew you will fail?
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Final answers:

1. Long term success comes from a combination of never stopping to push yourself to ever higher achievements, along with the ability to let people know about what your achievements meant to them.

2. In order to succeed ... One must fail occasionally, to know what to do and what to be avoided in the next encounter. Wow! That reminds me of Magic Johnson, he failed hundreds of shots and lost dozens of games, before he got it right. 

 Secret101: Never stop, and never give up!

Now, go throw some interceptions in your life.

Wishing you all a long term success... :)

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