Friday, February 18, 2011

A Helping Hand

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it...
Sounds like one of those unending cliche in the litany of life in

dais and dodong
This is my first article in my own blog. I have been reading books since the time I arrived "in my place". Frankly speaking, I heard before of what a blog is. It just too much complicated those days. But luckily my friend or maybe I should consider my brother "Patrick" was just so good in motivating people around him. He was such a friend that needs no further introduction. hehe...

prez and rez
I was lucky enough to be working in Thailand.. It was such a blessing in disguise. And i could say and believe in the saying that: " No one knows what's next!"

I would like to dedicate my first post in this blog to a friend, a family and maybe an older brother. lol....

A glimpe of the past:

ate entet, kuya micks and inaanak
I was working from an eight to five pace for about 4 years way back in the Philippines. Life had been hard and windy. It was really obnoxious. 

I grew up from a broken and really poor family. But I never complain at all. My family never really neglect anything and they were good and really supportive. I just wish I could still have enough time to pay them back for the life and opportunity they gave me. I'd finished everything. I mean my school and studies though it was never really my first choice to be a teacher. The same money issues that most poor families experienced; that's it. That's the main reason why I felt really contained in this crazy river called life.

madam ela and dad jer
Moreover, it was over and euphoria poured down the first months I experienced how to earn money. Unfortunately,  it was the opening gambit to the world of temptations. I really screwed up and made every possible mess I could. I just don't know what happened.

Ever heard of the world's greatest lie?
It's this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us and our lives become controlled by fate.

You wouldn't believe it and neither do i. but it happened..
Easy to get in, hard to get out........................................
Like most of those persons who'd realized mistakes and trying to reverse everything yet knowing it's over, I, too, were in the midst of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, lost and weeping in tears. 
I begun counting ways and means of help. Creating another mistake just to cover up my set backs. And it was really awful sad. And the awful truth is awfully sad. 
Good thing is that, I still have my family and my friends. They will always be there no matter what and they will still encourage you to the best you, even knowing your on the ground

Bottom line:  Be hopeful even if its hard.

To: Lemuel, Rez, Michael Rafael and Dad Jer


  1. After reading this, it made me wept. Wept in happiness that you are now a blogger hahaha..

  2. Nice one bri...u made me proud, nyahahaha...imagine my Mathematician student & kumpare (nyehehe) turned out to be a writer..galing! keep it up...indulge urself in writing, not with vices. idol ninong ni jap..hahahahaha

  3. wahahaha, tnx so much joyieandjp.. maraming salamat po..

  4. a p-rv-rt and handsome teacher is now a blogger.. oh c'mon!! hehehe just kidding