Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Forget

I once caught a student cheating and doing nasty thing while we were having an examination. It's a bit peculiar to see students of young age doing such. He did make every possible alibi which is not new to me. As far as I remember, I did some of those things before. So pay close attention...

Alibi number one: I was just looking for my pen, I accidentally drop it off my table

Alibi number two: I was just asking my classmate where she bought that nice yellow shirt.

Clearly none of those are plausible. I remember my high school classmates saying that it's better to cheat than to repeat. Others believe though that one thing leads to another. Once a cheater always a cheater. In simple terms, when somebody cheats, he's a cheater all the way. Or maybe rephrase it with, when someone lied, he'd most likely lie all his life and if not, he'd definitely do it again but in a more precautions way, so as not to spoil any evidence. I bet to disagree though.

Notion number 1. Who among you did not lie anyways??? 

It's not a question of how heavy is the gravity of the lie or the magnitude it recorded but rather a question like;

Did you or did you not?

As a matter of fact, it's clear as a crystal that a simple lie is also lie. Well then if some claims that you lie to her and you are not longer worthy of a trust from her, better ask this question:

Did you not lie before???

Perhaps, try the hear-me-out method and consider some consideration. There must have been reasons behind why he did it??? lol... Enough. This is goin nowhere...

Now goin back to the topic, it would appear to be very embarrassing in front of many people to mock on someone caught in the middle doin it. I am pretty much upset seeing the situation but remain calm.

Thanks to the anger management stuff i read before...

I did let him do the whole thing and clearly he nailed some good scores. lol..  lucky bastard... We'll see each other at the tip of my pen, I silently told myself.

Without a doubt, the situation was pathetic, and hard to accept. I planned to make some adjustments. Later on, I found out why he did it. I patiently asked him and eagerly tried to hear out his pointless alibis and suddenly realized his has a point in some ways. All his nonsense reasons began to make sense. I think it wouldn't make any difference if I would continue confronting him about what he did. And lo and behold, I came up with this:


It is a memory device that aids learners to recall and remember large scale of information. In simple terms, it's just like a shortcut and a signal that will lend a hand to remember what's lacking and what's missing...

They found it helpful and fun. And began using mnemonic to ease up the burden of long formulas and easily memorize word sequence. It had cause good changes in them and they're using it well.

The last part of the mnemonic tutorial was just one interrogative statement....

Want some more mnemonic or a demonic teacher? They sound really close, lol... :)

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