Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A newly-married couple was so hopeful of the future. They started eagerly to put up a good and harmonious family. But suddenly, a devastating event happened, their house which is about to be fully furnished with everything were completely turned into dust by a tremendous, monstrous tornado.

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 What would you do if you were them?

For sure, you'd completely lose hope and you'd probably relinquished all ideas that all are gone and over.

Let us again try to discern on some articles that changes one's mental map. Shift your mental gears to a totally different pattern of movement.

We are all aware of the fact of what's happening around the world. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sandstorms, tsunamis, floods and typhoons were everywhere. As a matter of fact, almost every bit of that devastation caused mean-spirited remarks about God and nature's way of punishing people and oftentimes closely associated with the so called "dooms-day", the last day of the world when everyone will be judged.

To hear those stories was just vaguely pathetic. But in reality, it's all been heard and done before. It's certain and definite that it shambles thoughts, and devastations are so hard to deal with.

I used to read a book by Norman Vincent Peale: "The Power of Positive Thinking", but I was in my high school years that time, and could not totally grasp all the details. But as far as I remember, the book is good and a powerful tool to alleviate tensions of all sorts. But unfortunately, I couldn't find it anymore. Somebody might had borrow it and and never returned.

The book defines "Optimism", a beacon of hope for all.

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A look-alike glimpse of the book:

My house burned down... Now, what do I do???

Step 1. Breathe in... Step 2. Breathe out... Step 3. Repeat...

Weird isn't it??? How would one bounce back from a complete horrible disaster by just breathing air? lol...

The book said that it is a very common coping way for dealing with things that are way over your head. And trying to get a handle on all that you lost is way over your head. It would be way over anyone's head. There is no shame in feeling helpless or overwhelmed - losing every material possession you own, in a span of few hours is world-altering, and it's going to take a while for you to tweak and feel you can cope.

Hooh!!! This one's a bit interesting...

Easier said than done. Right? Some are thoroughly convinced by it, while some rave that "Seeing is Believing"

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Though people are not exactly the same in their thinking,  it's still a great insight, I suppose. Definitely, it enhances reader's mind to have effective decisions over a certain issue and any decisions is way better than no decision at all...:)


May the force be with you...

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Everyone was in excellent shape as sports and the so called "Uttaradit Games" began. Students, mostly college, from different regions of Thailand gathered to showcase their own innate given talents in line of sports. They all seemed so fit and prepared for their matches against their opponents. Honestly, I did sneak out sometimes just to see their furious talents. Everybody was just full of winning power.

the team mates...
I was taking some shots of fencing match among the athletes, when somebody approached me and told me where I am from?

the action...
Mr. Arnon, A Thai lawyer, is a fencing enthusiasts and he's been covering matches of the game everywhere. I was surprise when he mentioned a prominent Filipino fencing player, Mr. Richard Gomez. It just happened that we were from the same country, Phillipines. He further discussed that he did talk to him before while the celebrity-star was in Bangkok in some fencing game. We exchanged words for some time and he told me about his passion in it.

the field...
The sport really did catch my attention. It reminds of the sword fighting in the movie Star Wars where they use their lightsaber and the Excalibur of King Arthur. lol...

Introducing children to sports is very important, it doesn't only develop physical fitness but also for mental growth, Mr. Arnon said.

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Sports, promotes enjoyment and an extension for students. And its importance is inevitable. A real-life lesson was also associated in the sports field. He further added, that the most important thing here is dealing with success and failure, that a sportsman knows that there will be times when he will win matches; there will also be times when he will lose them. That a sportsperson knows how to handle defeat and thus, treats success and failure equally.

It was a great day that seemed to be like an ambush interview. lol...

As I was about to leave the stadium, a girl asked me if I am willing to fought with her in a match. And though I'm not much in the sport, I never did decline her invitation.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything...

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He's seated row one, third from the right. A man rumoured to have been linked to almost everybody who gets in his way for reasons not yet known until these times. Well, maybe it's because of his style, the happy face that always seems to invite. lol...

Photo Courtesy: Tomas' Album
According to my surveys, he undoubtedly, took the second slot in my Friends Forever Forbes Magazine most affluent batch mates... hahaha..

the workforce...

A successful Mechanical Engineer currently based in Lobito, Cuanza Sul, Angola. He was such a clever and smart buddy and was like a magnet that tends to pull everyone closer to him. I've known him for quite a long time, he always conjures up a sense of closeness to most people he knew and for that, almost all the time, he locates a cheerful oasis of friendship.
some friends...

One thing, I learn from this guy was the willingness to share what he had. He was a cheerful and a generous giver. I knew and heard some stories of his generous-giving acts and sometimes wished I could do it too. His warmth dispels gloom and one would really enjoy his company. And just two years ago, he also did unearth his treasure of a lifetime and they'd been married happily

the treasure...

Wait a minute. Hey! Mind if I cut in??????

Why is it that from the start you always seem to savour happiness??? Is the Justice Department still exists today??? wahaha...

I was clouded with uncertainty before, at the verge of losing and still, he's there... his willingness and generosity completely drenched me. I never did decline his hospitality. It cannot be denied he was not so enamoured with spending so much for himself. Instead he gives and shares it to others. I wonder how he got so good at it. I am really bowled by his level of understanding. He truly exudes an aesthetic view of life.

with his stethoscope...
It all depends on the situation, I guess. But its clear as a bell that possessions for him is not a fair standard of being affluent. For him, possessions is not the measure of things.

Live simply. Love generously..


No doubt, that the second slot in the podium is yours... :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011



They are all over the place - Buddhist temples spread all over Thailand that are frequently visited by Thai people, any time any day. Temples here are called "Wat".

These structures are believed to be grouped in two: one is for religious function and the other serves as living quarters for monks.

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Almost all tourists would definitely be amazed, knowing that temples really took spot in most itineraries of tour destinations. They are dazzling in design and formation, and it only shows how Thais are inclined in engineering and architecture. Some reminds me of churches in the Philippines.

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For me, one thing so remarkable is on how they managed to build temples way up high. It definitely caused some serious and tedious work for the builders.

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It proves one thing again, that nothing is impossible to a willing heart...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm one month and counting...

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It's been a month now since I started my stuffs. I'm particularly grateful of having this and really looking forward to live it up, along with continuing to share substantive information and closely drawing attention to constructive views of life and MAKING A DIFFERENCE...

Perhaps, this always remind me of something to live for, something mine, something that completes a day. The sense of yearning to share success, failure, living life to the fullest and staging values is a really good feeling.

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Thank You So Much!!! ...for those who share and inspire me... :) 


"Life pushes you around"

Some people just give up and quit every time life pushes them. Others take the opportunity to learn.

Stories have always been important to us. They are told for a number of reasons: to impart information, to illustrate a point, to teach, to convey humor, create fear, etc. We all like hearing stories. Especially, stories of success.

Seemingly perfect shot...
It was Wednesday morning, when I got up early to do some school papers. Shortly after arriving, I decided to have look at my email, and read an unexpected one from a close friend, asking me to do him a favor...

He stood at the right corner of this memorable shot. He ranked first in my own list of Friends Forever Forbes Magazine's most affluent batch mates. lol...

Mr. Rez Contrivida and his ammunition
A successful Electrical Engineer currently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was our class salutatorian during those times. He was such a smart, wise, hardworking one and so focus in his life and career. An insatiable learner, open-minded and exudes a zealous burst of optimism. He also had poignant and humbling stories to tell. And if we are to put his life in a Richter Scale, most probably, he will obtain a magnitude of consistent good decision pattern. hahaha

The mail particularly seemed to have something: a sense of urgency. He asked me to share my point of view about the story "RICH DAD POOR DAD"

First, it was vague and astonishing to me. I have had a girlfriend before but never been a 'dad'. He sent some details regarding it, and later on found it so interesting and fresh.

The Book
Gist: the book is a story of a person who has two fathers; the first was his biological father: the poor dad and the other was the father of his childhood best friend, Mike - the rich dad. Throughout the book, the author compares both fathers - their principles, ideas, financial practices and degree of dynamism and how his real father - the poor and struggling but highly educated man, paled his rich dad in terms of asset building and business acumen. New and different definition was also made in certain chapters: Self-confidence is one of the biggest things that hold us back in life, while Boldness, is the thing that gets us ahead.

Ming bugling graph
My old, obsolete and preconceived notion of freedom was twisted and it really caters one to look at the difference in everything. Later on, I asked him what's this all about? And without any hesitation, he told me that their company is doing some life coaching for them not to remain lax and be always a higher notch among others.

Rez, Prez and Baby Maxenne
It was a great day hearing from a close friend of mine and I felt overwhelmed because he asked my opinions about the book.

Don't ask me whether you're a rich dad or not!!!

You certainly are...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Cup of Coffee

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

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It's supposed to be very hot these days here, yet I am having a cup of coffee at three in the afternoon. It's freezing cold and I think this has something to do with the unpredictable change of climate all over the world.

As I was about to end the hot cup, a sudden topic popped out instantly. Climate change: it is like how people think and decide, so random and fluctuating.

It's just like a classic case of maximizers vs satisfiers. To make it short  is to be realistic as oppose to being idealistic. These characteristics were common among people who have high motivation and ambition. Did you get the difference? If not, here's the complete details: 

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Satisfiers are those who make a decision or take action once their criteria are met. Therefore, as soon they find the qualities they like, it's over. They are  then satisfied. Maximizers on the other hand are those who make optimal decision. They examine every option and look at different angles, so they know they're making the best possible choice.

Some well-known books said that satisfiers often tend to be happier than maximizers. Because maximizers, spend a lot more time and energy to reach a decision and they are often anxious whether they're making the best choice. I also began thinking as to how I decide things in the past and all I could say is that I am a combo of both.

Before, I usually pick the most important factor instead of weighing out all the "pros" and "cons". Clearly this is an article about decision making. One thing true however, is that I don't wanna go back to my previous status and I want to achieve a better me, with better life and satisfaction.

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Pick the best stuff but make sure you're not missing the most important things.

So, how do you make your decisions? Are you a "maximizer" or a "satisficer"?

Friday, March 18, 2011

An Inviting Weather

Our lesson aim is to create a conducive atmosphere and an opportunity to create an open discussion.

 Ever heard of Edgar Allan Poe???

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He was the first well-known American writer who tried to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career. Some claimed that he was a maniacal drunk who routinely drunk himself into oblivion. Others said that he drank rarely, and when he did, he kept control over himself and was such a perfect gentleman. He did it to escape depression but he did and attempted to quit drinking many times. Nevertheless, it all boils down into one thing, he drank to escape the drudgery and disappointments in his life and he used drinking as an instrument to boost his confidence in facing life's challenges. What a move!!!

Now tell me Mr. Edgar... Is this where you got your masters' degree? O C'mon!!! Why didn't you tell us earlier??? hahaha

Photo Courtesy: Daisy Dela Cruz-Abela's "City Invasion"

But seriously, of all the aftermaths of drinking, I think that was the last candid and positive response I've heard. What I mean is the story of Poe's prowess in writing through immersing his thoughts in alcohol. For me, the most honest people in the world are those who are drunk.

And since we're here, why not talk about reasons why we (men to be particular) love to drink, despite its bitter taste and tiresome and dizzy feeling one gets when tipsilated.

A congenial companion, to release a tension or emotion and for socialization are among the top three  phrases  which are inarguable. And don't ever ask women about its disadvantages because they will for sure tear a page out of the economics and medical books and slap it in your

It's brutally frank and honest that this issue had been on the hot seat since the pre-historic times and just ended into some dreadful if not silent and close case. It has as much, or arguably, capture a lot of question marks to almost all.

Photo Courtesy: Tomas' Album

But one thing is certain: Everyone has a good reason to do what they do, and the more you prove that someone is irrational, the more defensive they will become. Just try to understand why they do what they do. Usually it's because they believe it's in their best interest. Don't try to win them over to "rational" behaviour, debate on the belief instead.


Sunday, March 13, 2011


A Lenten Season Special

It was high time of the year for redemption. And with the active participation of everyone, this momentous event was made. 

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"Don't run away when in midst of a huge uncertainty, instead kneel down and pray"

Photo Courtesy: Philok Pinoyz
The old line, that again struck us within the 300 minutes encounter. The evening was full of silence as it started.

Honestly speaking, it's too blurry picturing me out to be in this kind of situation. I mean, be in this kind of activity again, and I think, the thing that's so good about my religion, is the sense of freedom: it's up to you, do anything, but first you should sort it out. Is this right or wrong? Am i too fast and needs to slow down? Which is which? 

The said season, primarily explains words like temptation, test, trials, struggle, fasting, abstinence, and a sincere and dedicated repentance. Pangs of tranquility and openness were felt as the main speaker talked about life and prayer. Consequently, a huge challenge was drawn, the moment he unfolds question about life's journey and it's good to be at least, an inch closer again.

Photo Courtesy: Philok Pinoyz
Silence, for me, is the spirit of Lent.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Khun Ja Pai Nai?

It is a phrase which means "ที่คุณต้องการที่จะไปหรือไม่?" lol...

It means: Where do you wanna go?

After quite sometime of my stay here, I begun to be familiar with daily schedules and routines. And during weekends, I used to run an errand, put on my shoes and go back to Phitsanulok for some important matter. As part of the mentioned weekly activities and likewise taking part of the Holy Week celebration, a fresh insight came up my mind.

The word "Exodus".

Literally speaking,  it narrates the movement, transfer, transition of the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promise Land. The second book of the old testament.  Timely indeed, what a brand new idea!

A biblical, historical, and contemporary relations? 

It was said that human's first means of transport were walking and swimming. Second was the domestication of animals to lay burden of one's journey and  makes travel a lot easier. And through some brilliant minds, wheels and engine operated machines were brought to life,  which is a more efficient way of moving large quantities of people, things and so on. It had enormously conquered problems of large distance journey along roads with blistering winds and those scorching deserts. 

Thank you so much gentlemen!!! For putting up those tremendous ideas, because up to these times were all enjoying its convenience and pleasure.

To make it short, this article will focus on transportation nowadays especially here.

Thailand which is estimated about 514000 sq km in land area, is predominantly navigated by public transport.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Any plans moving to Thailand? You'd might probably take one of these in your amazing journey around.

Buses: They are the most convenient and most affordable way of moving around the place.  Most of the buses are cozy, air conditioned for a more convenient trip. Thailand is reachable and navigable using buses, they are a lot cheaper. It was actually like the Philippines, where people usually travel by bus. Bangkok, Thailand's capital, and most of its surroundings cities could be considered as cities that never sleeps, its because of the continuous trips and non-stop flow of passengers from all places.

Tuk-tuk: Is a motor vehicle, like tricycles in the Philippines, is used primarily to move quickly along places. Due to a busy and a traffic-jam places. They usually do like what taxis are doing. So named because of the sound of their engines. Occasionally, it is faster than taxi in heavy traffics as  weaving in and out are a lot  easier. but generally about the same in speed or maybe slower in long distance.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Songthaew: Are commonly used in rural areas in Thailand. It is a converted pick up truck, large enough to accommodate a number of passengers. Songthaew are used both between towns and cities for longer routes between towns and villages.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
The world that were living now will most likely be impossible had it not been for innovations in transportation. Life would not have kept up with the fast changing times if not for them. and we would not have experienced comfort and convenience in our movement had it not been for the advancement made.

Truly, their services had been largely spontaneous and beneficial.

 A blessed weekend to everyone and Von Voyage!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lazy afternoon

Ever had a fuzzy feeling of the next thing to do when you're about to get bored? Or have you ever felt like Garfield did? What about Garfield anyway? Let's meet him again...

Garfield is an orange, fuzzy, tabby cat, born in a kitchen of an Italian restaurant, he's so obsess eating lasagna and he hates to exercise, a pessimistic, sadistic, cynical, sarcastic, sardonic and a bit obnoxious kind. But, of course, we will not focus on that individuality. Though Garfield can be very cynical sometimes, he does have a good side too.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
It was a lazy afternoon, and a friend of mine was heading to the marketplace to buy some stuff for dinner and all of a sudden, something caught his attention.

...hello kitty...
A fuzzy, white with brown spot cat, was lying in a basket nearly full with eggs. He immediately pulled out his phone, and took a snapshot of what he had seen. 

"Her laziness and sense of freedom were hypnotic".

Did it ever cross your mind that sometimes we need a lazy afternoon? Where you in a situation before that though you really tried to motivate yourself, you just couldn't?

Okay! time to get started.

You want to finish things but you're just not in the mood to actually do any of them. Putting off something usually starts by putting off something you know you should do. Procrastination could be a habit that's why one needs to set an action plan. But why do we procrastinate? Reasons: You're probably bored, overwhelmed with work, your confidence slipped, low self esteem, your doing work you're probably not enjoying, you're distracted or just downright lazy. Procrastination could be solved by applying consistent and persistent action plan without reservation. 

Actually, what I am trying to point here is setting priorities and at the same knowing when to make a pause. I guess sometimes it's not that wrong to just do nothing at all, release the tension of our day-to-day living. Everybody needs down time - time to relax. This is just some sort of reminder that life really is busy: commitments, work, family, school, and others that eat the hours away.

So grab a pillow, close your eyes and move into yourself on a lazy afternoon.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Thanks for sharing the nice picture and your ideas... :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


Sales Update 101
...accdg. to my calculations, we did not hit our sales target...
WHAT??? We did not hit the sales target???

... You're fired!!! wahaha
Negative Transfer of Learning?

Ever heard of a Teacher but used to work as a Marketing Assistant? Present!!!

Strange isn't it? Marketing Assistant? What do I know about marketing? lol...

It has something to do with being flexible. I think there's nothing wrong with trying out new things, new environment. But to be honest, the reason why I quit my previous job was that, the new employer offers a bit higher compensation. lol...

Malasakit - a deep sense of concern
Positive Attitude

These are the four core corporate values of


from left to right: sir eric, boss ferdz, sir nan and sir jun ...

Once upon a time, I became a part of this prestigious company and once work as a Marketing Assistant. But, I only stayed for four months due to some unavoidable circumstances. Frankly speaking, I found it challenging to work in the office at first. A Marketing Assistant carries broad and important tasks next to the Branch Manager. From conducting marketing activities, doing price canvass, updating sales, and monitoring competitors plus arranging pertinent papers of customers and products you wouldn't notice the time slipping away.

And at the end of day...
...galaw galaw.. hehehe

Do you know the definition of a Good Working Relationship? 

It's a bond between the company and its customers/suppliers, between a manager and his workforce and between colleagues in each department. It's working toward achievement of shared aims and objectives. That's why our Branch Manager make sure to establish an effective channel of communication on both ends and listen carefully to what each other have to say. Open and honest. And moreover, everybody is encourage to debate on key topics so that each person has the opportunity to voice their opinion, which I think is a healthy step.

...boss ding in glasses, madam joy, boss lau, sir rodel, sir ulo, sir bryan and sir kung fu.. hehe...

The company is a customer-oriented and a service-oriented one. And our primary goal is of course!
a. sell motorcycles
from left to right: mam che, mam belle, mam joy, boss ding, marian? and "john loid" i mean sir harris.. hehe

b. hit the targets
...apologize... not sure with the names! hehe.. PPC Team...

 c. satisfy customer's taste and preferences.

...charlie's angels?...

Employees performances are regularly checked to assess and mark their improvement and also determine qualifications and suitability for the job or for promotion.

...aren't you suppose to be doing the credit investigation...hehehe
One would never doubt, that if you belong to this team of people, you'd probably say "thank you so much" for the spark of friendship and sense of belongingness. I consider them my "second family".

...tree planting somewhere...

One thing I really admire about the company was their secret keys in being successful. They taught me to love challenges, the difference between a mediocre and an excellent worker, dealing with problems and its counter measure and the definition of the word "teamwork"

...display area...

More sales to the team... Hope you like the posts.. Thanks..!