Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Opening Borders

Last week was full of fun and surprise as the Anuban Uttaraditt School held the English Camp 2011.

 "To Open Borders to the ASEAN Community"

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Students get to know more of the South East Asian regions and the amazing places and culture, at the same time integrating their English communication skills. The event was another good opportunity for students to focus and develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while enjoying and interacting with peers in doing activities. 

Photo Courtesy: Make A Difference
At first, a handbook was given to everyone as guide for them to enjoy  the planned activities. Sports were played to build up self awareness and various lectures about one's surroundings were done to widen minds in protecting  the environment.

Photo Courtesy: Make A Difference

It's the second time I took part in the camp and was just happy seein them in smiles and having fun...:) 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Its freezin in here as the cold season was approaching and it kinda irk me a bit. The last two months of the year here is pretty much the same with that of the Philippines. 

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For sure, everybody will miss a lot of things about "Paskong Pinoy Celebration" and it's sad but true. In little ways though, we still find time to gather and share festive nights like everybody's doin in the old place.

And again, today, I find myself another reason to have fun coz' today marks another month of my page and I have a lot to be thankful for....

Yahoo!!! Ninth Month!!! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Just last week, the whole Thai community celebrated their most anticipated festival which is the Loi Krathong Festival. Loi Krathong takes place during the full moon of the 12th Thai month. This celebration is not only observed by Thai but even Laotians and Burmeses.

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Loi means "to float", while a Krathong is like a lotus shaped receptacle often made upon banana leaves and trunks. The thing here is that they go to rivers and prays fervently, repenting for all the sins and asking for forgiveness and blessings. They let the Krathong flowed with their prayers, hoping for a second chance and a greater opportunity to change.

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The same principle is true with the Chinese Lantern, they lit it and at the same time wished and prayed for a brighter future and more chance to live a better life. 

I was able to witness Thai people doing Loi Krathong for the second time and the celebration caught my attention and reminded me of many things. To believe in power of prayer and the thing that most people find hard to do "to forgive". It was just so amazing how space and separation can do, like to think  out and reflect on things . A well known author once said that to forgive is actually not a sign of weakness but a sign of greatness. "Everybody needs a little time away", as the song goes. 

Hope everybody enjoyed the "Loi Krathong"!!! :)


It's been two to three months now since the biggest and catastrophic flooding beset and submerged places in Thailand. People here considered it to be the worst flooding ever occurred in their history.

To be honest, I was thinking twice whether to post this article or not. I'd rather share ideas that would suggest looking at the brighter side of life than writing a thing about devastation. I reckon there are still significant thoughts though and perhaps, we could glean something brilliant here like personal vigilance and understanding the world we live.

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Before this mad and sad situation started, Yingluck won the election as the new prime minister of Thailand. I couldn't say that she got a bit unlucky but it was an event full of surprise for her and for all. The said flooding was totally saddening and frightening . It took lives of many and damage properties, both residential and commercial and even industrial. It caused delays to land transportation and flights were even disrupted. All sorts of worst thing one could possibly imagine did happen.

Thailand is prone to seasonal flush flooding due to its seasonal savanna climate. Some claim that it's due to climate change and the poor drainage system. Heavy downpours filled and stored large amount of water in rivers and its tributaries and as a result, it overflows and seek grounds. A basic water phenomenon: Water flows from higher to lower level of grounds and if you put boulders in the way of its flow, it will in time gets collected in sufficient amount and will break the barrier created by the boulder. A lot of effort was done in preventing the water to completely reach the capital city but they failed to stop nature.

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On the brighter side of the picture, all never did cease in helping and reaching out. Temporary shelter was provided and all possible aids and relief efforts were exerted to all affected communities. A strong, determined and bold Thailand emerged amidst the crisis. I once go across a news update and saw people of different walks carrying and passing sand bags used as rip raps that would somehow or even just a bit stop an insignificant amount of water to move in. They never lose their faith... :)

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