Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Fightin' It

Every moment we create new karma by the way we say, do, and think...

If we do good things, in the future good things will happen to us. If we do bad things, in the future bad things will happen to us.

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It was one those typical days when I got a ring from somebody. She was a Thai woman who asked me if I could do her a favor of teaching her daughters about basic English conversation. First, I eagerly asked her about where she got my number. She said she got it from her friend who I think knew me before. We talked on the phone for a couple of minutes but she was speaking so fast I could barely understand almost everything she said. I was amazed hearing her speak a bit of English and that obviously added up ease on our conversation. She then mentioned that she's really interested about it.

And finally, it was Thursday afternoon when I met her with her two lovely daughters. She was a good looking woman who happened to be so sweet with them. The conversation of course was focused on the usual issues and plans regarding the tutorial and I did explain every bit of information about it. Everything was then set and finished.

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I was about to leave that time when a heavy downpour begun, so I have no choice but to stay. We exchanged some basic information about everything under the sun and never did notice that we were asking questions way outside our pay grades. Later on, I found out that ten years ago, she separated from her husband. We dug some old ruins. I began to closely pay attention to what she was talking about. She had a humble and patient heart. She understood life and I think she's nearly coping up with her situation. 

One thing, I really like about the "talk" was her sheer determination and courage. She then exclaimed that, "This is Life". Sometimes it's unfair and we need to accept it. The best part of the conversation shoveled up the moment she said that and she did hope that one day she could make her daughters proud of her...


Sunday, May 15, 2011


"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into fire by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."

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It's been three months now and hope that I won't grow tired of doing my stuff here.To be honest, sometimes I feel exhausted but whenever i come across and look at it, it reminds me of inspiring scenarios how it started and who helped me out.

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I just wish that those people who once motivated me will continue doing so and hope that they will keep sharing their insights. Moreover, i would also like to take this blessed opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who'd been with me these times and those who continually encouraged me to be the best me... Thanks a lot... :) 

 Happy Three Months " Make A Difference"!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blinding Realization

It's about time to turn another page!!!
I've been messing up things on Earth for about 28 years

As the old saying goes... if your plan doesn't work out properly, do not change it. Instead, tweak your ways and stick with it. The pure truth is that, I'm really glad for the chance that I could look back in times and move further in everything.

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This is actually my first time being away from the usual way of life and it's totally different now. Everything changes in this world, and no one could escape from that fact, I suppose.

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Thoughts like, what's next? What could probably happen in the years to come? Really did come up my mind but I think it's normal that way.

I'm just grateful for all the people that cross my pages; it wouldn't be nicer if not for them. Life has an innumerable ways in teaching, whether an experience is good or bad, at the end it brings us closer to a blinding clarity that the heart of life is always good.

No wishes or any sort, but a sound and peaceful life will do...


If you just walked away
What could i really say?
Would it matter anyway?
Would it changed how you feel?

I am the mess you choose
The closet you cannot close
The devil in you i suppose
'Cause the wounds never heal

But everything's changes
If I could
Turn back the years 
If you could
Learn to forgive me 
Then I could learn to feel

Sometimes the things I say
In moments of disarray
Succumbing to the games we play
To make sure that it's real

But everything's changes
If I could
Turn back the years 
If you could
Learn to forgive me 
Then I could learn to feel

When it's just me and you
Who knows what we could do
If we can just make it through
The toughest part of the day

But everything's changes
If I could
Turn back the years 
If you could
Learn to forgive me 
Then I could learn how to feel
Then we could stay here together
And we could conquer the world
If we could say that forever
Is more than just a word

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slow Life

In Thailand, there is no such thing as "get this done right away!" There is no such thing as "we have a meeting at exactly 8 AM tomorrow and you can't be late!" There is no such thing as "we really can't adjust or tweak on that part, because the last decision was the final decision...!"

There are times when some of my workmates used to joke around by saying this...

 Welcome to Thailand..."T.I.T." and "T.I.T." 

-which is their acronym for "This Is Thailand, This Is Terrible!!!"

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I often wonder why is it that almost every race is visible in this country??? Is there really an oasis here, where one could completely take a plunge and enjoy or is it really like Songkran everyday, where people could be completely drenched and live life as if there's no problem at all.

Oftentimes, I got annoyed whenever somebody from my foreign colleagues make complains and mock on things that get in their ways. It is like really a daily morning prayer, but one thing that gets me twisted was the fact that behind those complains, they love to stay too.

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I used to read some articles of expats here and found out what particular traits did they admire the most in the Land of Smiles? These are some...
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  • Sense of hospitality
Thais have superb hospitality, and most of them are cheerful giver

  • Friendliness
Almost everyone greets and they like to know more of other people
  • "Mai Pen Rai"
A thai word which is so evident among people during times of perilous situation, they easily cope up, they are so calm and compose
  • Respect for elders
The trait, so admiring among Thai, is how they pay respect for the elders, they are so courteous
  • Sense of freedom
The gap between rich and poor is invisible here. A guy with a BMW car could sit along street and eat dinner together with common people. It's not that degrading to do.
  • Slow life
Life is so laid back here... You don't have to worry of anything.


A bunch of Thai people were eating outside a Seven Eleven Store and suddenly a foreigner came and passed by the table where they used to eat and accidentally, I heard them say something.


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it is not particularly offensive, and is not exactly complimentary either.

"Farang" is a generic Thai word for a Westerner. A general term for foreigners is "khon tang prathet" which means "people from other countries". There is no expressly negative or positive implication in the word itself. However, when it is used with other words, it can bring a negative meaning depending on the context. It is common in Thai to just say "farang" to point out a presence of one without making a whole sentence and sometimes it's more of an expression. Farang is basically a neutral word, but people who respect you will not use it coz' it would probably mean as an insult while a taxi driver or a market vendor doing the same is unlikely to mean any offense at all.

My workmate, an American, brought out this topic. We used to chat at times, and he told me almost every bit of information he'd know about Thai's life and living. He continued to stress that Thailand is "evolving" but it is slow because Thailand is trying to protect their traditions. I never did argue with what he said, and just think that maybe he's right.

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He also mentioned that the word is politically incorrect! And that really adds up more confusion on my part. What is it anyways? Here we go...

Political correctness means the alteration of one's choice of words in order to avoid either offending a group of people or reinforcing a stereotype which is considered to be disadvantageous to the group.

This reminds me of a song "My Stupid Mouth", to think first before speaking. We cannot be exempted from the fact that there are times we just say whatever we feel saying so and sometimes unmindful of what it could cause.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our "Lesson For Today"

The two months break was almost over and again, it's time to sharpen some pencils and turn some pages of the book. 

 It's school time again!

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Students, most probably, might feel a bit excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over. Some might feel nervous and scared on the first day of school due to the new things they'd meet along the new semester. But as for teachers, it could also be a feeling of both. Every end is a new beginning as the proverb goes and one must learn how to tweak on situations.

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I had just read a simple yet inspiring steps on how to organized things and be prepared and the good thing is that, it's as easy as 1,2,3. Here we go...

The book says that, no matter what you're tryin' to do, there are three important things to be considered:

  • Get organized.
  • Stay focus.
  • Get it done!
But sometimes, the trouble is that each of these steps is actually a lot of little steps and one must find out ways to figure it out. lol...

Well, I just wish I had read this one before and had figure out... :)