Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slow Life

In Thailand, there is no such thing as "get this done right away!" There is no such thing as "we have a meeting at exactly 8 AM tomorrow and you can't be late!" There is no such thing as "we really can't adjust or tweak on that part, because the last decision was the final decision...!"

There are times when some of my workmates used to joke around by saying this...

 Welcome to Thailand..."T.I.T." and "T.I.T." 

-which is their acronym for "This Is Thailand, This Is Terrible!!!"

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I often wonder why is it that almost every race is visible in this country??? Is there really an oasis here, where one could completely take a plunge and enjoy or is it really like Songkran everyday, where people could be completely drenched and live life as if there's no problem at all.

Oftentimes, I got annoyed whenever somebody from my foreign colleagues make complains and mock on things that get in their ways. It is like really a daily morning prayer, but one thing that gets me twisted was the fact that behind those complains, they love to stay too.

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I used to read some articles of expats here and found out what particular traits did they admire the most in the Land of Smiles? These are some...
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  • Sense of hospitality
Thais have superb hospitality, and most of them are cheerful giver

  • Friendliness
Almost everyone greets and they like to know more of other people
  • "Mai Pen Rai"
A thai word which is so evident among people during times of perilous situation, they easily cope up, they are so calm and compose
  • Respect for elders
The trait, so admiring among Thai, is how they pay respect for the elders, they are so courteous
  • Sense of freedom
The gap between rich and poor is invisible here. A guy with a BMW car could sit along street and eat dinner together with common people. It's not that degrading to do.
  • Slow life
Life is so laid back here... You don't have to worry of anything.

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