Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Opening Borders

Last week was full of fun and surprise as the Anuban Uttaraditt School held the English Camp 2011.

 "To Open Borders to the ASEAN Community"

Photo Courtesy: Make A Difference
Students get to know more of the South East Asian regions and the amazing places and culture, at the same time integrating their English communication skills. The event was another good opportunity for students to focus and develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while enjoying and interacting with peers in doing activities. 

Photo Courtesy: Make A Difference
At first, a handbook was given to everyone as guide for them to enjoy  the planned activities. Sports were played to build up self awareness and various lectures about one's surroundings were done to widen minds in protecting  the environment.

Photo Courtesy: Make A Difference

It's the second time I took part in the camp and was just happy seein them in smiles and having fun...:) 

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