Monday, February 28, 2011

"Best I Ever Had"

Ever heard of the best things in life?

Check out my top ten:

1. A truck full of Red Horse beer and tons of Marlboro cigarettes (hahaha)
2. Laughing so hard upon hearing a funny joke
3. Falling in love and hugging the person you love
4. Reading an unexpected email
5. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside
6. Listening to the huge collection of music i like
7. A good conversation
8. Accidentally overhearing someone say nice about you
9. Spending time with the family or old ones
10. Having the coolest "friends" on earth

Question #1. How exactly did you end up "in this place"? You don't seem to fit its demographic profile.

Answer: I found them.

Let's move along... Our lesson for today will focus on my coolest friends on earth

He is someone who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself. This quote aptly describes the role that a friend plays in your life. During good and bad times and even in the worst circumstances they will never leave your side. One could find them during childhood and some in the most unexpected places. But why exactly do we need them? And what role do they play in our life? Halryt then! Time for some etymology101.

...the masters...

I think its best explained this way... From early childhood, man requires company;  it could be a sort of blood relations, or other. In school, we meet them through our likes and preferences. While during college days, we choose and select them and they should match our personalities and even after marriage, we need the company of their taste and habits because these things sometimes cannot be found and achieved inside a married life. So needless to say, they are important.

You've heard it all before. But to be honest, they also provide biggest support in us. They are amongst those people who accept you and like you as well. You can tell them your dirty little secrets and they will promise you not tell a single soul about it and also share your silliest wishes and dreams. Isn't it wonderful to have them?

...saguiguilid ng avanza boys...

I lost my grandfather back in 2010 and had some of them show up in the hospital that I didn't know were coming, it was really an overwhelming time but to see them made it easier.

Convince? Do you have a friend like that? I do have and they're my treasure.
 You're probably missing the biggest part of our life if you don't have them.

Check out my brother "jay" and poks jasper

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is that your BEST SHOT?

It doesn't matter if you win by a second or a mile.. winning is winning..!

"the fast and the furious thunders"

All were measured and calm. Everybody's holding their pens and speaking their minds out. That's the way life goes here in our workplace. Life's really that simple if one had a regular routine to follow with fixed hours, fixed salary and very little original thinking to do. lol


"Life is like a coin, spend it in any way you choose, but you can only spend it once"

Everything needs to be balanced! 

And lo and behold, an idea was brought to life. Just last month, all turned ferocious! hehe.. 
hornets in action..

The Filipino Community in Phitsanulok, Thailand organized a form of recreation. It was fun and refreshing to see everybody's moving and recharging those worn-out tires and batteries. Recreational activities, such as outdoor and indoor games are outlets of expression and excess energy and also a channel  to a healthy lifestyle. A number of participants were really persuaded by the concept of having the said events and surprisingly, almost everyone participated and enjoyed the games.

pirates & slashers match..

Knowing obviously, the games were primarily for fun and enjoyment, it turned out that it was more than that. The height of competition rose and almost reach each others boiling point. It was fun yet crazy.

the underhand serve..

For those who can't handle the pressure, I got three words for you.. ANGERMANAGEMENT. hehehe

 Enjoy the games and congratulations to the champions..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two is better than One?

Math101. Final Test.
Name: ___________                         Section: __________               Date: ___________

Read the instructions carefully. (Write minus wrong)

1. What is a row? And how does it differ from a column?

Below is a picture taken during our fruitful high school days. As far as I remember, this was about ten years ago. If we'd take a closer look, something's slightly wrong in this particular picture. It's the sense of proportion and balance. I was alone, standing on the left side of the picture with a cute background resembling the shape of my body and a podium. While on the right side, stood two of the cutest boys in the class. Moreover, if we try to count the number of boys sitting at the row below, to be sure, six were sitting on the left and seven on the right. For once, did it ever occur to you Mr. Photographer that you're missing something? Hahaha... Enough.
Javierians 2000
He's seated next to our class adviser. Row 1, seventh from the right. While she was on the second column, second row, eleventh from the left. Did it puzzle you? Now, meet them.

learn to fly 101...

Halryt!!! hehehe.. Who would think they'll go this far? Ok let's move along.
This article is for this cute couple. What more could one ask from them. Both of them were very generous and loving, and you know what? They always remind me of something extraordinary.

"Stick together"

To clearly define everything, "to stick together" is an idiomatic expression. It means to adhere one another, support each another. It's just like a testament to the saying that I'll always be there for you no matter what it takes.
in their rest house...

Albert, 28, an engineer, is like a brother to me. A very funny and hilarious guy. He often cracks joke that would lock your jaw and would make one fart loud. He's hand are blessed. I mean he's so good and skillful when it comes to art and of course his line of work which is engineering. Mafe, 28, is a businesswoman. She's a simple girl and at the same time good looking, oftentimes mistaken to look alike a Hollywood celebrity: Megan Fox? lol.... Both of them love to travel and enjoy life. And that's it. No need to define anything else. I consider myself too blessed to have friends and family like them. Their story is a mixed  of love and triumph. They have proven it over the years.  I am really lucky to have them around.

Last year, they started their own business, a bike shop. I've heard about their launching and it was a successful one.  Once again, they've proven themselves that nothing could come and separate them as long they're together.  In a good way, these two souls make me envy sometimes, but I know for sure how immense my possibilities are. Truly, their story taught me that love between two people has to built up over time, and that the more you build, the better it gets.

in La Vista beach resort...

Bottomline: Two is better than one.
Answer Key: Just look around your seatmates. Everybody's in their cheating arrangement and for sure they will nod their head left to right affirming the definition of a row and nod up and down saying it's for column. lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LUCKY... dazzling in simplicity

She made me hyperventilate the first time I got close to her and more so when I was only an inch apart from her. It's like it always has been. I mean when you meet someone you're not so familiar with, something uneventful, or when peculiar things happen that are not usual part of your daily life. Basic human instinct.

I have no apparent idea that at a certain point in my life I will be given a chance and opportunity to be close to you.

"It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary"

I'd like to share an article for everyone to learn to appreciate the things that you have.
This is a story about a dog named "Lucky". She's not mine and will never be mine anymore, yet in one way or another, I could say that we've enjoyed and loved each other's company. She was the love of the life of the love of my life before.. (sorry,can't figure out the correct adjective to describe her, and her)
Let me introduce her..
Lucky enjoying the view...
Lucky is a Labrador Retriever. Dogs of her breed are very loving, kind, loyal and compassionate to their master and it is also one of the most popular breed of assistance dog as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. Typically, Labradors are athletic and love to swim, play catch and retrieve games, and are good with young children.

Lucky was such an exceptional dog. We had wonderful time together. We used to watch English TV series "Fear Factor", to be particular. Sometimes she stinks and there are times when you can see her saliva flowing out from her sweet lips when she's too hungry. hahaha. One time she played a trick, a very unusual one; she hid her eyeballs and we were so amazed how did she do that trick. She snoured so loud when she fell asleep after a pre-occupied and playful afternoon. We used to go out at the curb of the street just to find her sanctuary so she could poop.

Those were simple moments we'd shared together and i really miss her. Honestly.

 And those times were made possible by her master of course. Her master was really kind enough to trust me though I am unworthy of a look to be trusted. I remembered she taught me of some basic taming process. Lucky will not listen to you at all!, she exclaimed. I had an unfortunate knack of saying the right things and words. She explained that I need to be firm in doing commands like.. "Lucky come here!" "Lucky bite!"
Nevertheless, we became close. And I'm glad I get to know them, especially Lucky.

The master? i guess so.... hehe
Few months later, life gets so really busy, hard, and the usual happy and dearing moments turned blurry. I was away and never heard anything from her, and her again. It was sad and awful. And after sometime, I received an email from a long lost friend telling me of a bad news.

Lucky died.

It was devastating.

For a moment, I begun delving deeper into the memories that we had. The sad thing was that I was away and couldn't even see her again. She taught me simple ways of happiness. I came across a photograph of her not so long ago, her face and skin, the long snout sniffing at something in the air, her tail straight and pointed, her eyes flashing in some momentary excitement, everything was just too oblivious to the busy world before and just minding ways on how to live, survive and be happy.

Life teaches us in so many different scenarios. Every blessing ignored becomes a cursed. I, myself, sometimes didn't see things; their importance, their significance, and the little time with Lucky carries an enormous unforgettable moments. Our memories were forcing me to again look at wealth and at horizons I knew before.

Decoding the puzzle...

Brilliant indeed! 

She'd left, but shared something.

It's the simple things in life that are most extraordinary.

Thank you Lucky & Abi.

Bottomline: Almost all  the time, people fail to recognize good things in their lives and you'll never know ones worth until its gone. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Helping Hand

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it...
Sounds like one of those unending cliche in the litany of life in

dais and dodong
This is my first article in my own blog. I have been reading books since the time I arrived "in my place". Frankly speaking, I heard before of what a blog is. It just too much complicated those days. But luckily my friend or maybe I should consider my brother "Patrick" was just so good in motivating people around him. He was such a friend that needs no further introduction. hehe...

prez and rez
I was lucky enough to be working in Thailand.. It was such a blessing in disguise. And i could say and believe in the saying that: " No one knows what's next!"

I would like to dedicate my first post in this blog to a friend, a family and maybe an older brother. lol....

A glimpe of the past:

ate entet, kuya micks and inaanak
I was working from an eight to five pace for about 4 years way back in the Philippines. Life had been hard and windy. It was really obnoxious. 

I grew up from a broken and really poor family. But I never complain at all. My family never really neglect anything and they were good and really supportive. I just wish I could still have enough time to pay them back for the life and opportunity they gave me. I'd finished everything. I mean my school and studies though it was never really my first choice to be a teacher. The same money issues that most poor families experienced; that's it. That's the main reason why I felt really contained in this crazy river called life.

madam ela and dad jer
Moreover, it was over and euphoria poured down the first months I experienced how to earn money. Unfortunately,  it was the opening gambit to the world of temptations. I really screwed up and made every possible mess I could. I just don't know what happened.

Ever heard of the world's greatest lie?
It's this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us and our lives become controlled by fate.

You wouldn't believe it and neither do i. but it happened..
Easy to get in, hard to get out........................................
Like most of those persons who'd realized mistakes and trying to reverse everything yet knowing it's over, I, too, were in the midst of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, lost and weeping in tears. 
I begun counting ways and means of help. Creating another mistake just to cover up my set backs. And it was really awful sad. And the awful truth is awfully sad. 
Good thing is that, I still have my family and my friends. They will always be there no matter what and they will still encourage you to the best you, even knowing your on the ground

Bottom line:  Be hopeful even if its hard.

To: Lemuel, Rez, Michael Rafael and Dad Jer