Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is that your BEST SHOT?

It doesn't matter if you win by a second or a mile.. winning is winning..!

"the fast and the furious thunders"

All were measured and calm. Everybody's holding their pens and speaking their minds out. That's the way life goes here in our workplace. Life's really that simple if one had a regular routine to follow with fixed hours, fixed salary and very little original thinking to do. lol


"Life is like a coin, spend it in any way you choose, but you can only spend it once"

Everything needs to be balanced! 

And lo and behold, an idea was brought to life. Just last month, all turned ferocious! hehe.. 
hornets in action..

The Filipino Community in Phitsanulok, Thailand organized a form of recreation. It was fun and refreshing to see everybody's moving and recharging those worn-out tires and batteries. Recreational activities, such as outdoor and indoor games are outlets of expression and excess energy and also a channel  to a healthy lifestyle. A number of participants were really persuaded by the concept of having the said events and surprisingly, almost everyone participated and enjoyed the games.

pirates & slashers match..

Knowing obviously, the games were primarily for fun and enjoyment, it turned out that it was more than that. The height of competition rose and almost reach each others boiling point. It was fun yet crazy.

the underhand serve..

For those who can't handle the pressure, I got three words for you.. ANGERMANAGEMENT. hehehe

 Enjoy the games and congratulations to the champions..

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