Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two is better than One?

Math101. Final Test.
Name: ___________                         Section: __________               Date: ___________

Read the instructions carefully. (Write minus wrong)

1. What is a row? And how does it differ from a column?

Below is a picture taken during our fruitful high school days. As far as I remember, this was about ten years ago. If we'd take a closer look, something's slightly wrong in this particular picture. It's the sense of proportion and balance. I was alone, standing on the left side of the picture with a cute background resembling the shape of my body and a podium. While on the right side, stood two of the cutest boys in the class. Moreover, if we try to count the number of boys sitting at the row below, to be sure, six were sitting on the left and seven on the right. For once, did it ever occur to you Mr. Photographer that you're missing something? Hahaha... Enough.
Javierians 2000
He's seated next to our class adviser. Row 1, seventh from the right. While she was on the second column, second row, eleventh from the left. Did it puzzle you? Now, meet them.

learn to fly 101...

Halryt!!! hehehe.. Who would think they'll go this far? Ok let's move along.
This article is for this cute couple. What more could one ask from them. Both of them were very generous and loving, and you know what? They always remind me of something extraordinary.

"Stick together"

To clearly define everything, "to stick together" is an idiomatic expression. It means to adhere one another, support each another. It's just like a testament to the saying that I'll always be there for you no matter what it takes.
in their rest house...

Albert, 28, an engineer, is like a brother to me. A very funny and hilarious guy. He often cracks joke that would lock your jaw and would make one fart loud. He's hand are blessed. I mean he's so good and skillful when it comes to art and of course his line of work which is engineering. Mafe, 28, is a businesswoman. She's a simple girl and at the same time good looking, oftentimes mistaken to look alike a Hollywood celebrity: Megan Fox? lol.... Both of them love to travel and enjoy life. And that's it. No need to define anything else. I consider myself too blessed to have friends and family like them. Their story is a mixed  of love and triumph. They have proven it over the years.  I am really lucky to have them around.

Last year, they started their own business, a bike shop. I've heard about their launching and it was a successful one.  Once again, they've proven themselves that nothing could come and separate them as long they're together.  In a good way, these two souls make me envy sometimes, but I know for sure how immense my possibilities are. Truly, their story taught me that love between two people has to built up over time, and that the more you build, the better it gets.

in La Vista beach resort...

Bottomline: Two is better than one.
Answer Key: Just look around your seatmates. Everybody's in their cheating arrangement and for sure they will nod their head left to right affirming the definition of a row and nod up and down saying it's for column. lol

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