Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Cup of Coffee

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

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It's supposed to be very hot these days here, yet I am having a cup of coffee at three in the afternoon. It's freezing cold and I think this has something to do with the unpredictable change of climate all over the world.

As I was about to end the hot cup, a sudden topic popped out instantly. Climate change: it is like how people think and decide, so random and fluctuating.

It's just like a classic case of maximizers vs satisfiers. To make it short  is to be realistic as oppose to being idealistic. These characteristics were common among people who have high motivation and ambition. Did you get the difference? If not, here's the complete details: 

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Satisfiers are those who make a decision or take action once their criteria are met. Therefore, as soon they find the qualities they like, it's over. They are  then satisfied. Maximizers on the other hand are those who make optimal decision. They examine every option and look at different angles, so they know they're making the best possible choice.

Some well-known books said that satisfiers often tend to be happier than maximizers. Because maximizers, spend a lot more time and energy to reach a decision and they are often anxious whether they're making the best choice. I also began thinking as to how I decide things in the past and all I could say is that I am a combo of both.

Before, I usually pick the most important factor instead of weighing out all the "pros" and "cons". Clearly this is an article about decision making. One thing true however, is that I don't wanna go back to my previous status and I want to achieve a better me, with better life and satisfaction.

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Pick the best stuff but make sure you're not missing the most important things.

So, how do you make your decisions? Are you a "maximizer" or a "satisficer"?

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