Friday, March 18, 2011

An Inviting Weather

Our lesson aim is to create a conducive atmosphere and an opportunity to create an open discussion.

 Ever heard of Edgar Allan Poe???

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He was the first well-known American writer who tried to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career. Some claimed that he was a maniacal drunk who routinely drunk himself into oblivion. Others said that he drank rarely, and when he did, he kept control over himself and was such a perfect gentleman. He did it to escape depression but he did and attempted to quit drinking many times. Nevertheless, it all boils down into one thing, he drank to escape the drudgery and disappointments in his life and he used drinking as an instrument to boost his confidence in facing life's challenges. What a move!!!

Now tell me Mr. Edgar... Is this where you got your masters' degree? O C'mon!!! Why didn't you tell us earlier??? hahaha

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But seriously, of all the aftermaths of drinking, I think that was the last candid and positive response I've heard. What I mean is the story of Poe's prowess in writing through immersing his thoughts in alcohol. For me, the most honest people in the world are those who are drunk.

And since we're here, why not talk about reasons why we (men to be particular) love to drink, despite its bitter taste and tiresome and dizzy feeling one gets when tipsilated.

A congenial companion, to release a tension or emotion and for socialization are among the top three  phrases  which are inarguable. And don't ever ask women about its disadvantages because they will for sure tear a page out of the economics and medical books and slap it in your

It's brutally frank and honest that this issue had been on the hot seat since the pre-historic times and just ended into some dreadful if not silent and close case. It has as much, or arguably, capture a lot of question marks to almost all.

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But one thing is certain: Everyone has a good reason to do what they do, and the more you prove that someone is irrational, the more defensive they will become. Just try to understand why they do what they do. Usually it's because they believe it's in their best interest. Don't try to win them over to "rational" behaviour, debate on the belief instead.


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