Sunday, March 13, 2011


A Lenten Season Special

It was high time of the year for redemption. And with the active participation of everyone, this momentous event was made. 

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"Don't run away when in midst of a huge uncertainty, instead kneel down and pray"

Photo Courtesy: Philok Pinoyz
The old line, that again struck us within the 300 minutes encounter. The evening was full of silence as it started.

Honestly speaking, it's too blurry picturing me out to be in this kind of situation. I mean, be in this kind of activity again, and I think, the thing that's so good about my religion, is the sense of freedom: it's up to you, do anything, but first you should sort it out. Is this right or wrong? Am i too fast and needs to slow down? Which is which? 

The said season, primarily explains words like temptation, test, trials, struggle, fasting, abstinence, and a sincere and dedicated repentance. Pangs of tranquility and openness were felt as the main speaker talked about life and prayer. Consequently, a huge challenge was drawn, the moment he unfolds question about life's journey and it's good to be at least, an inch closer again.

Photo Courtesy: Philok Pinoyz
Silence, for me, is the spirit of Lent.

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