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A newly-married couple was so hopeful of the future. They started eagerly to put up a good and harmonious family. But suddenly, a devastating event happened, their house which is about to be fully furnished with everything were completely turned into dust by a tremendous, monstrous tornado.

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 What would you do if you were them?

For sure, you'd completely lose hope and you'd probably relinquished all ideas that all are gone and over.

Let us again try to discern on some articles that changes one's mental map. Shift your mental gears to a totally different pattern of movement.

We are all aware of the fact of what's happening around the world. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sandstorms, tsunamis, floods and typhoons were everywhere. As a matter of fact, almost every bit of that devastation caused mean-spirited remarks about God and nature's way of punishing people and oftentimes closely associated with the so called "dooms-day", the last day of the world when everyone will be judged.

To hear those stories was just vaguely pathetic. But in reality, it's all been heard and done before. It's certain and definite that it shambles thoughts, and devastations are so hard to deal with.

I used to read a book by Norman Vincent Peale: "The Power of Positive Thinking", but I was in my high school years that time, and could not totally grasp all the details. But as far as I remember, the book is good and a powerful tool to alleviate tensions of all sorts. But unfortunately, I couldn't find it anymore. Somebody might had borrow it and and never returned.

The book defines "Optimism", a beacon of hope for all.

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A look-alike glimpse of the book:

My house burned down... Now, what do I do???

Step 1. Breathe in... Step 2. Breathe out... Step 3. Repeat...

Weird isn't it??? How would one bounce back from a complete horrible disaster by just breathing air? lol...

The book said that it is a very common coping way for dealing with things that are way over your head. And trying to get a handle on all that you lost is way over your head. It would be way over anyone's head. There is no shame in feeling helpless or overwhelmed - losing every material possession you own, in a span of few hours is world-altering, and it's going to take a while for you to tweak and feel you can cope.

Hooh!!! This one's a bit interesting...

Easier said than done. Right? Some are thoroughly convinced by it, while some rave that "Seeing is Believing"

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Though people are not exactly the same in their thinking,  it's still a great insight, I suppose. Definitely, it enhances reader's mind to have effective decisions over a certain issue and any decisions is way better than no decision at all...:)

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