Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summer English Camp

I took part in the two week Summer Camp for Thai students. They were from government primary school and mostly non-bilingual kids. T'was an exciting way to help and encourage them to learn and practice English.

Photo Courtesy: quirky-alone

The school program was extensive and for that reason even before vacation came, they still manage to provide ample time in sharing something for these kids.

Unlike any other camps, learning English is the only sole purpose of the said event. "Learning by doing" to be the main core, practicing simple phrases and words that are part of day-to-day encounter in school and elsewhere. For Thai students and even some adults, a good English means a good opportunity.

Photo Courtesy: quirky-alone
There was a particular noticeable confusion among children in the class, since they were not use to speak the language often. I'd enjoy the two weeks encounter though that proved one thing; language is not a barrier and a challenge that needs to be overcome...:)

Photo Courtesy: quirky-alone

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