Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Yet Amazing

It would take a lot of courage and extraordinary qualities for one to be great, famous, and amazing. Yet in one way or another, it doesn't make a lot of difference to be named one. The most important thing I suppose is how people appreciate and value the significance of that immense character. 

I woke up early and prepare things which I thought would be helpful for the trip that we had just this morning. The Anuban Uttaraditt School used to annually visit places around its vicinity. Luckily, I was included in the list of participants to join it. And together with some of my Prathom 2 students, we explore the small town of Uttaraditt.  

To be completely honest, I wasn't that much hit of that exciting feeling in doing it. But the boredom soon fade when were moving around.  

Who would ever think that largest teak tree in the world is here???

Yeah, you got that right. The tallest and oldest teak tree in the world is Kannimara teak in India but the largest is the Big Teak Tree Forest Park in Nam Pat District, Uttaraditt. It has an approximate age of 1,511 years, measuring 37 meters in height and 6.57 meters in diameter.

It's huge and incredible. I was proud and amazed seeing it.

Another lovely and breathtaking scene in the outskirt is the Sirikit Dam.

Foreigners usually take a jaunt here. The dam is created for irrigation and power, but its beautiful scenery had captured everybody's attention. Visitors could rent and ride bikes and even surf the North part of the dam to see "Lake Suriian Moon".

Well, everything just turned out great and worthwhile. I was really surprise that the place though small and simple had been nesting and hiding a beauty so unique and spectacular... :)   

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