Friday, August 19, 2011


Happy Sixth Month " Make a Difference"

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Why ruin a really nice day??? Lol...

Just two weeks ago, I received an email telling me I'd been out of a certain system and can no longer be in,  and last week,  a letter that just worsen my disappointments.

It had been  frustrating for some time, but there still enough reasons to celebrate though. lol...

" Cheers"

I've heard this word for long enough from some of my co-teachers but just never minding it. There's this one time that one of them asked me a favor which is not that hard to do and he said, Cheers Brian!!!

Cheers Brian!?? Am I missing something here???

It was strange for me at first, but later on found out that for them it's the colloquial way of saying "Thanks" and now I'm getting used to it.

So despite what happened, "Cheers Make a Difference"!!!

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