Friday, August 12, 2011

Bounce Back!

I am not angry, I'm just disappointed!!! So what? lol...

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It's from a movie I've watched before, the sad thing is that I can barely recall its title. Well anyways, I wrote this article upon seeing a music video of my favorite band. They do rock and roll songs, their lyrics are quite interesting that focus on life and relationships. They convey an obviously good message. For them, it's just like, one could never know the meaning of happiness unless he'd been extremely down before. Astonishingly, they manage to dodge from the state of pandemonium and excel in their music.

Being a nerd that I am, my curiosity got me to delve on some information and see what the mighty world wide web has to say about them, and I am surprised of what I had just found out.

So, are they really one of those persons who are always angry and complain too much about life and all the bags of shits it offers?

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Not exactly. They're artistic, musically inclined indivudual, sometimes mad, yet they tremendously improve their madness, to move in a positive spin. Brilliant, ain't it???

I bet you had read inspirational books and listen to some talks and stories, or maybe had been a part of a crowd that tackles life coaching and conseling, well those things are awesome, they squirm one's reason, and absolutely a good source of motivation to bounce back from a life full of mayhem. Guess that's what the art of listening do. It will superbly change one's mental map.

On a flip side, I am really surprise how some people excel from a problematic stage using an unusual pattern.

Wanna hear some???

Just because you're mad doesn't mean that you can't do any good. There's nothing to be ashamed in it.  Stay in it for as long as needed but be careful with your actions. They say that everybody experiences anger and frustration and disappointment everyday; in school, at home, on the road and even during a conversation. It's everywhere, and  what makes it even worst is when you are as meek as a lamb, oblivious of the world and suddenly, somebody's accusing you that you did a something wrong, as if murdered someone. Crazy, ain't it? It's disgusting and so unnerving.  

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Moreover, when one understands "anger" it could be a channel to something positive. They mentioned that motivation comes in various forms. Being mad causes drastic changes in a person but one has to see it and use it in a different perspective. Anger can spur the moment causing one to make poor choices but with the right focus and energy, it constantly boosts one to act and do things that he can't do before. Anger and depression just like feeling of pleasure and happiness are obviously opposite, going in different direction. However, in a certain manner, both are just like an unstoppable force to change and bounce back. Using anger to benefit oneself when you need motivation can help one let go of anger and be more in control of it.

So know why you're angry and stay focused, you could might as well do the same thing they did, in a scale you'd never notice before in your life...:)

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