Sunday, August 7, 2011


We do have different walks to take, they say. And within each step, we mark some footprints...

An idea was brought out as I was browsing on some picture and it drove to write an article about this person. It was all instant, and was so surprising...

...the walk...

This guy knows all fields of endeavor one could possibly know, he's been through different struggles before yet he'd never grew tired of moving forward in his life. There's this one time that he'd share some of his poignant stories and to tell you honestly, no one could go even further to the life he'd walk before. And if you insist on knowing the true definition of the word "change", go and asked him.

I've known him for almost ten years now and it was unexpected we'd met but this man has a big heart that is always willing to share to needy people, well maybe it's because of how his family brought him up to this life. He really is a generous giver. 

Frankly speaking, three particular things will cross your mind upon hearing the name "KUYA IAN" in the whole circle of friendship... 

1. Food trip        - he's a very good cook

2. Relaxation        - he's a nature lover
3. Reggae music    - the beat blows his mind

Ooppss!!! I think I'm missing something... hahaha!!! Of course...

                    4. Beer and Brandy  - to relieve tensions of all sorts

But you know what??? They say that birds of the same feather flock together right??? I think it's not applicable all the time. This guy is a married man and is facing full responsibility for his family but still he finds time for us and enjoys our company. Great fun of course!!!

...surfing lessons with Batong... hehe

He's a great listener and it's one of the few reasons why people like him, I suppose. He's a clever one. You're not gonna have any dull moments, every single minutes will be spend to laugh about crazy jokes about crazy people. Crazy but it makes sense. He often slated weekend meetings with the some of his close friends to talk and share stuff. He manages his own bar and restaurant. 

... hell no! that's not Capt. Jack Sparrow...

Well, that's about it! Just wish we could always go back to your place and taste the true meaning of life and enjoyment.

You did share your cheerful oasis of friendship to us and we are proud of you!!! 

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