Saturday, August 27, 2011

Such A Short Notice

Have you done a thing outside your pay grade before? If so, did you do your best shot? If not, did it make you feel any better? 

If you are to sign a contract, it is obvious that you are to perform a task and all its details will be clearly stipulated in it. But just month ago, we are told to do a thing outside our pay grades. Everyone, of course seemed to dislike the idea, knowing it would add up burden yet no one couldn't do anything about it. Well, the thing is that we are going outside school and teach students from adjacent towns of Uttaraditt. It was such a short notice.  

The school and its program are extensive and due to demand of other partner school around the vicinity, we are gonna share some time and extend a hand in helping them. It's an school partnership thing which is good and important. Clearly their program was undeniably excellent.

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Without a doubt, it means an extra workload, and that idea was unnerving to hear. The administration further explained it's like to reach out students on other schools and give their an ample chance to at least learn a bit of English.  So all foreign teachers have to do it. Which I think fair enough. We were individually given schedule of where and when to teach.

After a week of extending and reaching forth other school. it gradually become fun and exciting. You could not even compare the happiness among childrens' face. And they are really happy during the classes.

We also got chance to move around the town and see interesting places aside from the main town. The school, I think has a great vision and it cannot be denied that its worthy.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

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