Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Down To Earth

She's seated second row, second from the right in this astounding picture...

She's like a sister to everyone in the class. But she didn't seem to sound like most sisters do. I don't have one but from what I've heard, most sisters are like an AK-47. lol... Perhaps, the reason is that they were considered as second parent to the younger ones. They need to look after and make sure everything's fine. Bottomline is, this featured person in my Friends Forever Affluent Batchmates goes like this simile:

"She is as meek as a lamb"

which definitely connotes that she never nags to worsen an argument nor throw anything that would tend to add fire to burning flames. So calm the hell down and let's meet her... lol...

Cherry, 29, is a successful manager of a prominent business company. She is a down to earth kinda girl and thus, by definition means honest, doesn't need anything to be expensive, is happy with what she has. Never heard her splurge on anything, she doesn't buy anything which she doesn't have to use for. She's smart, funny, economical, nevertheless has some seriousness and candor which she vividly express to all.

"Down to Earth"

Exactly what would it take to be one???

If I may, I would say that it's innate and rare. We deal and mingle with different kinds of person in every days of our life, but rarely see them... 

Have you seen one before???

She's the kind that doesn't fake nor lie herself to others just to get recognition. Well, everybody knows her back then due to her untiring support to every proposal of our groups which she think would greatly benefit all. 

Moreover, she firmly believes in the law of cause and effect, that there are repercussions in doing a thing, whether good or bad. Needless to say, she's nice to everyone, doesn't take anything too hard, knows where she stands and doesn't change what she is to fit with other people.

She's a bit secretive though, just months ago she surprised everyone by announcing that she's getting married... lol.. It wasn't broadcast to the whole crowd though, flaunting is not her thing, she's not overdramatic and she's too good to be true.

She'd been a wonderful example to all of us and she's continuing to do so. To wrap things up, I guess a down-to-earth person is like a precious stone.

"its inner radiance shines, though it doesn't even try"

Enjoy the podium... lol...

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