Friday, September 30, 2011

Keep It Alive

This man is on his way waving goodbye to singlehood. It would be a pivotal move on his part and we are all excited about it... lol...

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me

He's one of the first persons I met when I arrived here. I've known him for almost a year, surprising that way. I could vouch though that this guy has sail a salient life. If given a chance and somebody would give him a life's report card, I'm definitely sure that he'd grab all the aces.  According to what some persons who been with him for awhile, he's one of the most loved one in the community. No doubt that he would accept you as a friend no matter who you are and he's willing to share what he has. Some say that you would hardly hear a word from him whenever he's boiling to some degree of disappointment. I don't believe it, well it's for you to find out. lol...

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
Ever heard of the saying that you would find love in places most unexpected? While working in the Kingdom of Thailand, he unearthed his Kingdom of Love too.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
They say that behind every man's achievement is a woman that makes it more colorful and more meaningful. Life's busy here and it's almost unbelievable how he still manage to multi-task everything around and find his treasure to be cherish for the rest of his life . They say that life is like a matter of race and one needs to keep on running but this guy know exactly where to stop and spot oasis to drink and enjoy the views. Ok enough said, I'll cut it out...

Just last week, we'd keep the tradition alive and throw a last party for him. Bunch of precious friends around him helped out and made the night special. Funny to hear as he shared things like how he persuaded his girl and manipulated the situation . lol...

Photo Courtesy: Enzo's Point
This little stag party thing was full of fun and freedom. 
To Patrick, good luck and have fun!!!

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