Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ploy or Real?

The moon, the sun, stars and some planets need to be adjacent and line together, that's the perfect time of the year for you. What the... lol

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I'm not so into reading zodiac charts and those astrological things that a vast majority of people used to. But the newspaper which is given to us daily for free lures me to keep abreast with what my sign says. It's surprising how. Maybe the wordings that were put by the author were just fresh and riveting.

Ever tried checking yours lately???

I find it quite disgusting sometimes hearing people who desperately tried their luck by following their so called "stars" that dictates them everything. It's luring to read some positive sings and speculations with regards to where life is taking you, I suppose that it adds awareness of one's situation yet sometimes it's one common pitfall of those who just believe and did nothing at all. I think sometimes this are just ploy of some writers to entice buying newspaper or maybe getting some traffic online and obviously earn from it. 

To be honest though, I've heard stories of people who did great by following what their signs say. They clearly made it to the top and were all smiles and thankful for the opportunity.

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However, it causes my mind to stir in some point on how exactly these things started again?  Why is it that it doesn't seem to fade until these days?

It's everywhere: in the net, newspapers columns and most of contemporary readings. It's pretty surprising to know. 

Well, Google says that horoscope started somewhat BC ages ago. Western people used it primarily to do extensive study of astrology and from that time on it had been carry out and used to marks time of events particularly dates and months of person's birth. A chart or diagram representing positions of heavenly bodies. Apparently, putting it in a microscope of science, no studies have shown any evidence of its accuracy, and predictions were at best, irrational, lacking plausibility. 

So what's your sign and which side are you?

Is it really like the steering wheel of life being single-handedly maneuver by the stars or is it just plain attitude and grabbing opportunity?

Stay tuned... lol

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