Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was just another day when this shot was taken, and it did stir my mind to create an article about it. Once, I talked to some people who used to do the same thing, they occasionally wrote their own stuff but mentioned that sometimes stopped for awhile. The first one, told me that in order to start something, he needed to be inspired. While the second one, wanted a thing that would impressed him and motivate him at the same time.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me

Accidentally, my friend did focus his lens in a piece of handicraft so odd and interesting. It was a masterpiece which I think had been abandoned for quite a time. It resembled one of those ancient times mode of transportation which was made of wood. The maker did such a great job in making it. Clearly, it's a creative project that made use of some talents

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me

Before, it was believed that handicrafts was only for decoration purposes and to make use of extra time; doing something interesting. But, nowadays, these things clearly make it to the market and they are one of the main sources of income to most people in different places.

Photo Courtesy: My Shutter and Me
Some sort of artistic inclination and an ample amount of patience would really be a pre-requisite in doing this project.


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